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Food Poisoning
Do you know ?
Food poisoning is divided into Bacterial,fungal,animal, plant,and chemical food poisoning.
Bacterial food poison- ing mainly occurs in summer and autumn, while chemical food poisoning can occur throughout the year.

According to a 2019 food investigation Bacillus cereus was detected in 35%

Food sample from 39 cities

50% in rice and noodle samples 34% in cooked meat samples
Vibrio parahaemolyticus can cause
Acute abdominal pain
watery stools

Pathogen detection technologies

Like PCR and ELISA

Our Project
1.Simple 2.Rapid 3.Robust 4.Sensitive
Our goal
1. Find the vibrio parahaemolyticus and bacillus cereusby protein detection.
2. Compare with competitor we will make our products more efficient and reliable.
Handy ECD has established a new detection strategy for detecting pathogenic bacteria in food: continuously detecting Bacillus sub- tilis and Vibrio parahaemolyticus based on smartphones and bacterial binding protein colorimetry