The Importance of Alcohol
Reduce risk of infection
Sterilize wounds
Clear traces
Physical cooling & Clean equipment
Alcohol is an...
Medical alcohol, which is primarily ethanol, is an organic disinfectant and is a mixture.The principle of disinfection is that ethanol molecules penetrate into the proteins of bacteria or viruses to denature them and lose their physiological activityln daily life, it is mainly used for skin disinfection and medicalinstruments.

Starch is not utilize

Sweet potato dreg a by product of

manufacturing starch

Too much dreg is produced

Extra material is add to utilize starch

Too expensive

Pollutes water

COD pollution of 1900mg/L

Marine creature suffers

Team Introduction
We are the 2023iGEM team named EcoNzyme Alchemist, which is a pithy name generated by all team members cooperatively to present the main pursuit of being economical and our theme of enzyme. Our team is composed of avid learners who are fascinated by the mysterious as well as complicated world of synthetic biology and business. We aim at not only reducing the input cost of yeast fermentation process, but also improving the yeast's ability to decompose starch, Additionally, lt will definitely become more economical and efficient. We fervently believe that our product is able to bring alcoholic industry or business fabulously profitable value. To introduce, we selected two key genes for amylase and glucoamylase, which enable the cell to secrete alpha-amylase and glucoamylase itself since the two types of enzymes with high price in market are required to be added into the raw material of alcoholic production as exogenous material. And sweet potato residue, a byproduct of producing sweet potato starch, often considered as waste. Our constructed yeast cells can decompose starch from sweet potato residue and achieve waste utilization. As a result, our product can also be a revolution of the raw material of alcoholic fermentation! To conclude, we call ourselves alchemist metaphorically because we clearly realize that our fabulously economical product can be invaluable and meaningful to future development as gold is to ancient humanity.
Project Goals
Our solution


*Our product is a re-engineered saccharomyces cerevisiae

*which contains genes expressing amylase and glucoamylase.

What will we do?

Synthesizing a new type of baker's yeast which is able to self-produce amylase and


Why amylase and glucoamylase?

Enzymes that function to decompose starch into glucose.

Starch is not able to be fermented merely by ordinary yeast used in our daily production.

Glucose will be fermented into alcohol through the function of yeast.

How do we obtain the synthesized baker's yeast?

Five steps through synthetic biology: