Hey everyone, I'm Kevin Deng, proudly representing Vanke Meisha Academy as the dry lab captain of the "Squirrel Guangzhou" team! Throughout my academic journey, I've been filled with curiosity and passion for biology. However, it wasn't until I joined the Squirrel Guangzhou team that I truly got the chance to put my knowledge and love into practice. I used to dream about playing with molecular biology and biochemistry in a lab setting, and now, I get to experience all of that in this iGEM project! Apart from my love for biology, I also enjoy seeking thrills. Sailing, cycling and gaming are all indispensable parts of my life. I believe that these diverse interests and passions make me more vibrant and creative on the path of scientific exploration.
Let's rock the stage together as the Squirrel Guangzhou team, harnessing the power of science to create wonders and contribute our own brilliance to the future of biology!


I am Zhiyuan Feng from the British School of Guangzhou. I am 17 years old already when we initiated our project. I have always been interested in molecular biology and biochemistry, but I was never given the opportunity to put my knowledge and passion into practice, until I joined our iGEM team. As the vice captain of the wet lab, I absolutely enjoy the process of designing and modifying microbes to make them specialized in the production of a specific substance in an efficient manner. Through collaborating with my colleagues, we are able to overcome many obstacles as we learned from our failed attempts and improved our method. It is an absolute pleasure to be part of a team that has both passion and expertise. I simply can’t ask for more.


My name is Jiayi Zhong, or Oscar Zhong. I am a 16 years old student from Guangdong Experimental High School. I have a great passion in biology. Through former study in National High School Biology League, I have gained much of the basic knowledge in biology. However, since experiments are not tested in the competition, I haven’t got the chance to learn about conducting biology experiments. Thus, this Igem project is a precious chance for me to work in a group, study about experiments and knowledge out of textbooks. Here I am a student and a member to try my best utilizing what I have learned to help my team become better.


Hello! My name is Sonia Zhuang, and I am a 16-year-old girl living in Tianjin. Currently, I am studying at TFLS Ap Center. I participated in the iGEM competition because I have always had a deep interest in biology and a genuine desire to broaden my knowledge in this field. Spending time in the lab for a term was an incredibly fulfilling experience, and I found great joy in working alongside my team members. It has become a cherished memory for me. Being a part of the lab and interview program, I feel immensely honored to have gained knowledge and insights that were previously unfamiliar to me. It was also a source of great happiness for me to have had the opportunity to meet so many remarkable individuals!


Hiii here is Joyce Wang. I'm a 15-year-old girl from Guangzhou ULC. Having leadership and a winning personality is what I am most proud of. I came to the IGEM competition because I wanted to participate in various biology and chemistry experiments. I participated in a weather modification research project at Berkeley Summer School so I'm particularly interested in both the biological and environmental aspects. My favourite things are dancing, playing table tennis and debating in my free time. I also joined two student organisations at school, the Student Union and the VA. I think the biggest problem with the lack of effective environmental change lies in the fact that humans don't realise how serious things are. And my dream is to achieve equality between men and women and to stop the continuing rise in sea levels.


Hi, my name is Eva. I’m a 16-year-old senior high school student from ShenZhen Foreign languages school. During my time in school, biology has always fascinated me. Therefore, I choose to major in Biology Engineering, which is why I take part in IGEM. Therefore, I decide to pursue Biology engineering major and that is the reason I participate in IGEM. I am responsible for Human Practice and some biological experiment. After I finish this project, I hope to be better at working in a team and learn some useful skills for doing research. During my spare time, I really go for calligraphing, seal cutting and watching animation.


My name is Hao han sunny Sun, and I am about to become a tenth grader at BASIS International School Guangzhou. I am about to turn 16 years old. I participtate in IGEM competition because I wish to have neuroscience as my future major. I am working in Wetlab for our team. I am interested in neuroscience as well as neuro-diseases. In biology, I find cell division as well as meiosis to be the most interesting part.


Hi! My name is Shella, a freshman high schooler from Basis Guangzhou. I’m the art division leader of Squirrel-Guangzhou. I’m very into biology and psychology and the former is a very big reason why I attend this contest. I’m especially interested in nutrition and marine biology.


Hello, my name is Phoebe Zhang. I am turning fourteen this year. I came from Basis International School Guangzhou. I am part of the wet lab in our iGEM team, but I also communicate with other members to learn about their work. I participated in the tournament because I wanted to meet more people, develop my cooperating skills, and acquire new knowledge. I am really interested in microbiology and virology. I enjoyed the time I spent doing experiments with my new friends at the lab.


Hello everyone, I am Sharon-Shiyu Long. I am 18 years old, come from Elgin Park Secondary School, Canada. I am student leader and wet lab leader of Squirrel-Guangzhou. I am mainly responsible for promoting the implementation of all tasks, including task allocation, meeting hosting, progress management, experimental plan design, etc. I am interested in biology from little young. Different species show the secret of nature for me, I am fascinated in it. In the future I want to choose applied biology for my main major, and continue to create new methods for biomanufacturing. It is my first time to work as a leader for a big team, there are a lot of challenge for me, I will work as well as I can. I hope we can have good combined efforts!


Cathy Chen, 16, and studying in Grade 11 at Guangzhou Foreign Language School. I am interested in biology and clinical psychology. I have many hobbies in my daily life, such as playing volleyball, listening to music and so on. I hope I can learn more related knowledge and absorb more experience in this igem project!


My name is Eden. I am 16 years old and studying at Ulink College in Guangzhou. I came to participate in this igem biology competition mainly to broaden my horizons and understand the subject of biology. I am interested in the genetics of biology and the development prospects of the biochemical industry. I am responsible for a portion of the experimental content in this project.


My name was John, and my age was 14, I'm attending BASIS International School Guangzhou. I'm interest of iGem because of my interest in Biochemistry. My preferred subjects were chemistry and astronomy.The role I play in iGem team was wet team which do research topics and experiments. Main things I do daily were watching videos and playing video games. I'm more preferred of foods with strong taste rather than weak taste. My favorite foods were pizza, burger, and baked rice. I'm very easy to be provoke to anger, but I also calm down very fast.


My name is Lauren. I’m now 16 years old and I'm a senior high school student of Queen Margaret’s School in UK. Biology and chemistry have always been my favorite subjects. I joined igem with the purpose to explore more about biochemistry and accumulate more experience. As a member of the biological lab team, I was involved in almost all of the experimental research and practical biological lab projects. I conducted experiments to help proofing theories with my tutor and the rest of our teammates.


My parents gave me the name, Gavin, last name Yuan. I am 15 year-old, and currently studying in Basis International School of Guangzhou, rising into highschool sophomore year. In school, my favorite subject is and was, biology, especially marine biology and the study of evolution. I love observing sea creatures, and wonder how many more species are there yet to be discovered in this planet. the main reason that stimulated me into join this competition, was mainly the recommendation from a friend of a higher grade, who once took part in the competition. the other reason of joining this competition, is that I wanted to discover something new, something outside what I know and what I was interested in. Joining this team, I was able to gain more knowledge than I wanted to learn, and gives me more space to grow,


Zihe Jiang, 17, Shenzhen College of Int. Education.I’m responsible for art design and (potentially) data analysis. Finding a use for my art and using my other experiences are the main reasons why I joined the IGEM team.


Name: Ruiqin (Ray) Hu Age: 16 School: Canadian International School Singapore
Hi, this is Ray from Singapore! My passion for biotechnology and bioengineering led me to join iGEM, where I've been able to build on my previous research experiences. As a generalist, I enjoy badminton, drawing, and animation. In Squirrel-Guangzhou, I serve as the assistant leader of the art team and am also a member of the Wet Lab. My primary responsibilities include collaborating with the team on designing art and conducting initial lab experiments. I'm also involved in some of the human practices in the Dry Lab. Although all of our team members have only known each other briefly, our teamwork and good relationships have developed quickly, making our cooperation both enjoyable and effective.


Hi, I'm Amy Li, currently 17 years old and a student at Beijing No.4 High School International Campus. I'm excited to take part in the iGEM competition for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I'm passionate about exploring the intersection of biology and technology, and iGEM provides the perfect platform for that. Within our team, I specialize in mathematical modeling, where I get to apply my love for numbers to decipher complex biological systems. I'm particularly intrigued by synthetic biology's potential to revolutionize medicine and sustainability. Being part of iGEM allows me to collaborate with like-minded individuals and contribute to advancements in this field. Beyond the competition, I believe that a multidisciplinary approach is key to solving the intricate puzzles that nature presents to us. I'm enthusiastic about the possibilities that iGEM offers and am eager to learn, innovate, and make a meaningful impact in the world of biology.


My name is Yuzhe Zhang, 18 years old, studying in AIC Qingteng Academy. I have been interested in biology since I was a child, and participating in IGEM competition is also to learn more about biology.
IGEM is an interdisciplinary competition. Although it takes biology as the core, it actually involves abilities in various aspects, including life science, business, economics, media, etc. Therefore, I can also get access to knowledge of different disciplines and recognize outstanding students who are good at different fields.


I am Xu Zihan, 17 years old, and I now study in the International Department, the Affiliated High School of South China Normal University Grade 12. I participated in IGEM because I think the gene is very interesting. This is an inter-discipline competition, which can exercise my skills in various areas. In the team, my work mainly focused on conducting experiments. This experience provides me with lab-working opportunities, thus I can deeply insight into biology. I have approached some advanced biological techniques, and this lays the foundation for my future study in college.


Yang Zishuo,16,Sendelta International Academy,I think igem competition is a very valuable competition, which can improve my ability and pave the way for the future courses. In igem, I played the role of a team member to share the responsibility and credit for everyone


My name is wayne, I’m 17years old, I study at northcross school Shanghai now,the reason why I join this igem competition is that I have strong interest in biology,and i am now a member of art team in our big team .

Kevin Zhou

My name is Kevin Zhou. I am 17 years old. My school is Wardlaw+Hartridge School. IGEM is an opportunity for me to engage in biological research. Biology connects to environmental science, which I am interested in. My role in my team is a member of the wet lab. I am mainly responsible for formulating research topics, experimental operations, and data analysis.


I’m Kurt Li from the wet team of the "Squirrel Guangzhou"team. I joined in the IGEM to develop competence in the practice of molecular biology and biochemistry, and in the process, I have learned a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge.
This is a very special experience and I believe that this will greatly improve my academic background.


Hello, I'm Justin Jiang, a 16-year-old student from Shenzhen Middle School. I'm excited to be a part of the iGEM competition. Within our team, I play a dual role as a member of the experimental group and serve as the team leader for the Engineering Success group.
I'm drawn to iGEM because it offers a unique platform to apply my passion for biology in a hands-on and innovative way. I've always been fascinated by the intricate workings of biological systems and the potential they hold for solving real-world problems.
Being the leader of the Engineering Success group, I'm responsible for ensuring that our experimental process and results should be clearly displayed on the wiki for everyone's reference. This role allows me to combine my interest in biology with my organizational and leadership skills.
In addition to my specific roles, I'm genuinely enthusiastic about advancing our understanding of synthetic biology and its applications. I believe that iGEM provides an excellent opportunity to learn, collaborate, and contribute to this exciting field.
I hope we can get a satisfactory result in this competition!


I am Ryan Chen, one of the experimenters in our igem team. Different from my previous understanding towards laboratory that it is easy for testers to only record the experiment data, I now realize how the progress of experiments change unpredictably and how everyone discouraged by a wrong data after they work for a whole day. Although it's my first time to do experiments in laboratory, team member's enthusiastic greatly impressed me. Bevis and teacher instruct me patiently when my operation is wrong. It is my pleasure to meet a group of friendly team members and I really enjoy this memorable experience on igem.


My name is Paco. I'm currently a S3 student in GZFLS and one of the members of Squirrel-GZ. In particular, I work as the main editor of the edrlier wiki structure and wiki development. My hobbies range in d variety of things. Though I'm so busy that I barely go out for now, I'm actually an outdoor type during holidays or my leisure time. I am pleased to assist anyone on our tedm in any way I can and hope that we'll all have a good time during igem 2023!