Our team is composed of passionate students and teachers from all colleges of ShanghaiTech University. They have different personalities, majors, and specialties, but they all unite in the LAMPS project and eventually become close partners. Everyone uses their strengths, shows their talents, and performs their duties. We are all very proud that such a diverse team was able to successfully complete the project.

Cao Shenxi

Junior   Biology

A idea hamster who is optimistic about life and life sciences. As this year's student leader, he has a deep understanding of the phrase "With great power comes great responsibility".

Lu Shenhuan

Junior   Industrial Design

Lovely boy with huge ambition to make things better, wanna make more and more friends!

Sun Haoran

Junior   Biology

An enthusiast in life with a strong will to seek out exciting challenges and create a better world with biology.

Lai Xinyao

Sophomore   Chemistry

She used to think chemistry could do anything, but she found that it could also cause pollution. She hopes to find more biological solutions to the pollution problem during the competition.

Wang Haoyu

Sophomore   Biology

An enterprising young man aspiring to become a scientist who can contribute to the advancement of biological knowledge and its applications.

Wang Yueying

Sophomore   Biology

A laboratory novice who is trying her best to improve herself and hoping to become a reliable working partner.

Qian Yingxi

Sophomore   Biotechnology

A little girl who loves biology but is more willing to work for human practice and education.

Du Chenchen

Junior   Industrial Design

A curious explorer of the world, trying to understand humanity and bring happiness to the world.

Jin Yifei

Sophomore   Biotechnology

As the leader of Education section, she is enthusiastic and dedicated,supporting the project effectively.Hope more people fall in love with biology and iGEM!

Hu Jinglin

Sophomore   Biology

A wetlab member mingling in HP and EDU :)

Jia menghan

Junior   Biology

A transfer student from the Physics Department to the Biological Sciences Department who is fascinated by the wonders of biology and is determined to explore the mysteries of biology.

Ding Qihan

Junior   Electronic Engineering

A hardware member proficient in project management. Participating in lots of contests, he believes that capabilities are forged through the challenges.

Chen Keyu

Sophomore   Biology

A biological undergraduate who likes computers and mathematics.

Luo Yutong

Junior   Industrial Design

A member of the Designer Group who thought she could do some design work, but was actually mainly responsible for art decoration work.

Liu Siyun

Sophomore   Biotechnology

A member of wetlab group and drylab group, as she is interested in all kinds of multi-discipline work. As a pragmatic person, she enjoyed put an experimental idea into pracitce.

Li Chaofan

Junior   Electronic Engineering

A hardware member in charge of coding and system engineering. As an extremely silly guy who majors in EE, he strives harder than anyone else and finally become technically accomplished.

Huang Yihang

Junior   Electronic Engineering

A hardware member proficient in circuit design. If the clash line player just works a little bit, he will in turn take charge of the bottom half of the map; If the jungle player shares the red buff with him, he will never lose dragon pit battles; Give him a protective auxiliary, he will 13-0 all the way to MVP.

Huang Zhejing

Sophomore   Management Science

A girl who enjoys exploration, brims with passion and vitality, and hopes to bring quality products to the public, making the world a better place."

Xu Liang

Sophomore   Biology

An ambitious boy who devote himself to better our life.

Liu Qizhen

Sophomore   Biology

A gifted teenager.

Lv Leyan

Sophomore   Biology

A student of biology with an interest in art. A member of the Designer Group who always tries to do better in designing.

Fang Xiaojing

Sophomore   Biotechnology

She is a little girl who has a great passion in experiments. She loves to observe the phenomena, especially how her E.coli starts to shine.

Wang Shubai

Junior   Biology

A wetlab group leader who used to be an art designer last year. More like an artist than a researcher. Loves to design experiments creatively but sometimes messes up.

Qin Chao

Sophomore   Computer Science

A designer who is interested in programming and always tries to improve himself and find joy in daily times.