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LAMPS        Luminous Algae Material Presenting System
As amazing creatures that have evolved billions of years in our biosphere...

Noctiluca scintillans proliferate in the East China Sea

Giving our coastline this fantastic sight "blue tears"
Blue tears use solar energy to fix carbon dioxide and provide light, 100% biodegradable.
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    Fluorescence                                                                                        Photosynthesis
What if ?
If using this algae to provide light, we will reduce carbon emissions and help carbon neutrality!
However, the luminous intensity is too low, and the conditions to culture them are too complicated to simulate.
Fortunately, synthetic biology has made it possible - we can synthesize our own noctilucent algae.
Luminous Algae Material Presenting System
Glowing Liquid
Suitable for a variety of design and decoration needs.
Natural Rhythm
Goes out during the day and lights up at night.
Sustainable and economical solutions for long-term and large-scale applications.
100% degradable in the natural environment.
WHO: Climate crisis could undo the gains over the past half century.
LED Pollution
LEDs contain a variety of materials, usually bonded with adhesives and foams, difficult to separate and recycle.
Fossil Energy
Fossil fuels are mainly used for electricity generation. Saving electricity for lighting reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
We need sustainable lighting solutions, a pollution-free lighting method not using limited resources.
Based on biotechnology, using solar energy as the main energy source, LAMPS glows without increasing pollution.
The full life-cycle of production-use-waste LAMPS is virtually carbon free and can even produce negative carbon emissions.
We found a lot of promising and interesting scenarios for our technology.
Ambient Lighting
Ambiance lighting for weddings/ events/private villas.
Water Entertainment
Water park's new water toys, light-up swimming ring/water volleyball.
Ground Signs
Road signs on park trails and exhibition venues.
Design Capacity
Installation art, costume design, experimental materials.
Electric Safety
Lighting near water and flammable places. No power safety problems.
Architecture Material
Building materials providing more natural lighting and biological light for the interior.
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