A Novel Point-of-Care Method and
Prototype for Cerebrospinal Fluid
Rhinorrheas Test Kit
Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) rhinorrheas may cause serious medical complications such as brain infections. We designed and made a Point-of-Care (POC) test kit prototype to identify a biomarker, beta-2-Transferrrin (bTF), exclusively present in CSF to indicate its presence in nasal samples. Firstly, our simple Deletion Chamber (DC) design removes sialo Transferrin (sTF) to increase test specificity. After this, we applied Immunochromatography Assay (ICA) to capture and visualize presence of bTF.
Supported by questionnaires and interviews, our test kit is revolutionary as risk evacuation and early diagnosis of CSF rhinorrheas can firstly be done easily, accurately, and cheaply.
As to let our product benefit the society on public brain health, we aim to educate people about CSF and in extent raise awareness to brain health. We ensure this covers a range of people in numerous interactive activities, online and offline and improve them from active acquisition of feedback.