In our endeavor to enhance PTSH-Taiwan's influence within the global iGEM community, we embarked on a series of strategic collaborations. To begin, we developed the Sarcopenia Handbook, a comprehensive resource addressing Sarcopenia's definition and effective muscle loss prevention strategies. Recognizing the importance of cultural sensitivity and individual variations, we tailored exercise routines to accommodate diverse needs.Subsequently, we joined forces with KCIS Xiugang, deepening our understanding of Sarcopenia's risk factors, and contributing to our ongoing mission of raising awareness. Lastly, we partnered with UniCRETE, a collaboration that not only bolstered our team's reputation but also allowed us to highlight and acknowledge the unique endemic species within our country. These efforts collectively aimed at expanding PTSH-Taiwan's influence and presence within the iGEM community.

Sarcopenia Handbook

   Global Perspectives on Sarcopenia-Focused Exercise Handbook" is a comprehensive and culturally sensitive guide that delves into a diverse range of exercises practiced across different countries to address the growing concern of sarcopenia. Sarcopenia, the gradual loss of muscle mass and strength with age, affects individuals worldwide, and this handbook is designed to provide a holistic approach to combating this condition. 
   This handbook acknowledges that exercise approaches must consider cultural preferences and lifestyles. It explores exercises from various corners of the world, highlighting the nuances that make them effective within specific cultural contexts. On the other hand, the handbook encompasses an extensive array of exercises, from traditional practices to modern fitness routines. It covers resistance training, flexibility exercises, cardiovascular workouts, and more, showcasing the most effective approaches to preserving and building muscle mass.

KCIS Xiugang’s Postcard event

Hosted by KCIS Xiugang, the collaborative project is to create postcards that showcase the team's vibe, incorporate logos, and introduce the remarkable project. The goal of this project is aiming to foster global connections and celebrate the diverse projects and teams within the iGEM community. To spread the dangers of sarcopenia (the progressive loss of muscle mass and strength with age), our team created a postcard mainly focusing on the risks of sarcopenia. Moreover, we have posted this postcard on our team’s instagram to further promote this serious issue.

IGEM CRETE’s event

To celebrate World Wildlife Day, an international effort to rebuild biodiversity, the iGEM UniCRETE team collaborates with teams around the world to showcase the national animals of each team's different country and highlight fascinating endemic species. Famous for its biodiversity, Taiwan possesses beautiful natural scenery with abundance of natural species. In an effort to promote biodiversity in the country, our team introduces Taipei Tree frog and focuses on its uniqueness and beauty.