Medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs)

are highly valuable compounds with broad applications in

food, pharmaceuticals,

and  chemicals .


their industrial-scale production is

hindered by several  impediments .

  limitation in natural oil sources availability

challenges in purification processes

petrochemical resources shortage

significant environmental pollution

low yield difficulties in commercialization

How can we
overcome these obstacles we face?

In recent years, global production of Used Cooking

Oil (UCO) has shown an increasing trend.

Therefore, we intend to utilize UCO as a raw material for the production of medium-chain fatty acids and derivatives, thereby achieving waste utilization.

How can we
overcome these obstacles we face?

In order to achieve green and efficient synthesis, we

employ M. aphidis XM01 to convert lipids into MEL.

Through hydrolysis, a significant amount of medium-chain fatty acids can be obtained, thus avoiding the lower yields associated with de novo synthesis.

However, a major challenge arises in MEL production, as accumulation of intracellular lipids results in a decrease in MEL yield.

How can we
overcome these obstacles we face?

Furthermore, we tend to employ the obtained medium-chain fatty acids for the synthesis of α-olefins and 10-hydroxydecanoic acid, enabling their utilization for higher-value applications.