Uniqueness of synthetic biological application

    circularize linear RNA into circRNA

Without access to get the real diagnosed patient blood sample, our team had developed a remarkable way to circularize linear form RNA into circular form RNA, in order to imitate the environment of circRNA in the sample blood.

Eliminate inequality

Our product is suitable for every age group, without limitation to age, career, area, race, developing level, or even educational level. It only requires a tube of sample blood, and our product will automatically do the analysis for you.

All-aspect development

NanoCircDx not only considered patient and respondents' feeling and thoughts, but it also required doctors, professionals, and industrial workers' advice. Our product is all-aspect developed, we square up every detail and try our best to meet the needs of the public. And the result data of questionnaire showed that we did receive positive feedback from the general public and there is a need for the development.


We use different language to promote synthetic biology and introduce our product to different iGEM teams from all over the world. As for promotion video, we add different subtitle to the video in order to reach out to more people. And for social media platforms (IG, FB), our posts provided both Chinese and English version to be more international.

Down-to-earth promotion

Our team use practical and sensible way to introduce the concept of synthetic biology and iGEM competition, so as to let more people have an roughly understanding of what we are doing and could relate to their life. For instance, we promoted synthetic biology to every age group by hosting educational scientific camp and academic conference.