Gold Medal

We won Gold Medal!


Bronze Medal

Competition Deliverables

We completed all the following Competition Deliverables:

1. Wiki: We have designed a wonderful wiki which explains the detail of our project. Also see our game to explore our project and enjoy!
2. Project Promotion Video: We have made a promotion video to introduce our project!
3. Presentation Video: We gave our presentation as a TV program!
4. Judging Form: We completed our judging form.
5. Judging Session: We have successfully presented our project to the judges and proved to be an outstanding team!

Project Attributions

Many thanks to those who engaged in our project. See our Attribution page!

Project Description

Describe how and why you chose your iGEM project. Visit our Description page to know more about our motivations!


We have made a useful contribution for future iGEM teams. View our Contribution page for more information!

Silver Medal

Engineering Success

We have demonstrated engineering success. Visit our Engineering page for more details!

Human Practices

We focused on the well-beings of the general publics. See our Human Practice page!

Gold Medal

Excellence in Synthetic Biology

We specially put our effort in three aspects of our project:

1. Parts: We have developed a standard protocol of synthesizing circRNA. Go to our Parts page!
2. Hardware: We have made a excellent hardware that help in our experiments. Details are provided in Hardware page!
3. Integrated Human Practice: We have reached out to professionals and publics to improve our project. Visit our Integrated Human Practice page!