Our own collaboration

    iGEM Map


In order to continue the spirit of internationalization from our senior, we launched an advanced version of iGEM map compared to the last version from 2022 NTHU Taiwan iGEM team. The purpose of our 2023 iGEM map is to allow iGEMers from different countries, different area and different regions to have a platform to show their project, results, rough ideas and their team logo or charactor.


During the process of developing an advanced version of iGEM map, our Dry Lab members tried hard to design an movable global model which contained merely every country on the earth, and each point or so-called dot represented the country that collaborated with us. When you point the small dot on the earth model, you will see the information about the certain iGEM team and their project and character/team logo. Turning the earth model to North, East, South or West direction could let you have a further look at the other iGEM teams that collaborated with us on other regions. As for our human practice members' contribution, we contacted as many countries as we could through Instagram and emails, and fully explained our ideas of this iGEM map. Moreover, invited them to join this international plan of gathering the iGEMers together in order to meet each others' ideas and project through a small and movable online global map.


In this collaboration, iGEMers from all over the world whom participated on the plan could see each others on the three-dimensional earth map model, which allowed them to browsing map through different directions. Plus, teams on the map would provided a brief introduction about their project, their role or logo, and links to their team's social platform and wiki. Thus, viewers could have an brief understand about each others and could contact each other through this map. The plan of iGEM map linked iGEM commmunity together through a small online global model, made iGEM teams get to know each others just by the easy action of clicking on the map!

Other collaborations

    Patrias Medicine - World Health Day

Specifically, we would like to organize an online collaboration due to the World Health Day, on April 7. Each team will send us a picture of a paperboard with a health-related phrase written on it. The paperboard will be decorated and coloured as each team wishes.


    iGEM IniCRETE - World Wildlife Day

May 22nd is known as World Wildlife Day, and to celebrate it we would like iGEM teams from different countries all around the world to send us a photo of one or more members of their team (with their logo and country name) and together with it a small paragraph talking about their countries' national animal.


    iGEM.ionis - Bioart

The collaboration is based on Agar Art, it consists of the design of a drawing on a petri dish agar from culture medium. You can also use pencils to draw on the petri dish. The drawing must relate to your iGEM research project.


    Aix-Marseille - Biodiversity

This year our team works against drought by containing grounds humidity to protect our ecosystem. We're inviting you to collaborate with us by sending us a photo, or more of your favorite plants in a space that you love, in your home or outside. at the end of this month we'll collect all of your photos paired with a little anecdote you find funny or heartwarming about this plant so we can create a collage and highlight our ecosystems and favorite plants which make our planet so special. Let's celebrate our biodiversity and its importance.


    2023 iGEM Taiwan Seminar at Linkou

There are many iGEM teams from different places in Taiwan at this exchange. We spent two days reporting on our project, setting up our booth, and introducing our theme NanoCircDx to everyone.

During these two days, we learned different strengths from each of the following teams and exchanged different knowledge:

1. CCU_Taiwan: CCU_Taiwan's presentation production capabilities and reporting fluency are very amazing and worth learning!
2. CSMU_Taiwan: CSMU_Taiwan's English expression and answers to questions are very fluent.
3. iGEM_KCIS: iGEM_KCIS all retain enthusiasm and curiosity for new things. At the same time, we also shared the operation of Metlab with them.
4. iGEM_KCISLK: iGEM_KCISLK adds a dramatic effect when reporting, which we also learned as a reference for future reports.
5. NCHU_Taichung: The captain of NCHU_Taichung shared with us on the stage the leadership style a captain should have which is really impressive.
6. Wist_iGEM: We are very impressed by Wist_iGEM's project. In addition to its completeness, it also considers Taiwan's economic and business issues.

Figure 1. 2023 iGEM Taiwan Seminar at Linkou


Figure 2. Picture with CCU_Taiwan team.

Figure 3. Group photo of all the participants.

    Online meeting with Yi-Ye_China and JLU_China

Since we have a similar project(cancer communication), we decided to communicate and share our projects online together. In this meeting, we exchanged some questions about the source of rapid screening test strips and the differences in detection methods between different cancers.

Figure 4. Online meeting with Yi-Ye_China and JLU_China