Nomination in Best Integrated Human Practices 2023

Best Diagnostics Project 2023

Gold Medal

X, battling depression in silence, misunderstood and exhausted

Y, dealing with inconclusive doctor visits, lost in a sea of antidepressants, and seeking answers everywhere

Team Z, hoping to revolutionize depression diagnosis in the face of limited research and data

X and Y could be anyone.
Your best friend or a stranger.
We are team Z.

An estimated 208 million suffer from depression globally, and the burden is rising

and OASYS is here to help!

Our team is developing an objective, blood biomarker-based diagnostic aid for major depressive disorder.

For this, we chose five putative biomarkers:

GS Alpha Protein

And with the help of Aptamers and Magnetic Nanoprobes

Magnetic Nanoprobes

Combined with FRET (Forster Resonance Energy Transfer)

Fluorescence readouts produced can be correlated to biomarker concentrations

Our microfluidic chip analyzes the biomarker levels

using quantification assays and detects final readouts.

With the help of OASYS, we aim to address these issues and more.

Faced with the challenge of limited biomarker reliability and a lack of research on mental disorders, we set out to build OASYS

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