Sponsors of iGEM Hamburg 2023

Check out who made the realization of our project possible!

Official Partnerships


A huge thank you to Biomol for sponsoring us on our iGEM journey! We are incredibly grateful to Biomol for their support in making our iGEM project a reality! Their unwavering commitment to innovation and dedication to advancing life sciences has paved the way for groundbreaking breakthroughs in various fields. Once again, a heartfelt thank you to Biomol for believing in our team and the potential of synthetic biology. Together, we make a difference and shape a world where scientific innovation knows no boundaries!


Excited to start our lab work in style, thanks to CaptainWorkwear, who provided us their awesome lab coats! We couldn't have asked for a better sponsor to start our iGEM journey!

ISA Center

Without the generosity of our universitys center for interdisciplinary course offering (ISA), our journey could not have been possible! Therefore, they will forever have our endless gratitude!


Microsynth was a very welcome partner in our project. They supported us by quickly providing sequencing codes and therefore made our lab work much easier and took some financial pressure of us. Their service was sublime, easy and fast and they were a steady rock in our daily labwork.

MIN deanery of Hamburg University

We want to thank the deanery of the MIN faculty of our University for covering our team registration fee. Thank you for having our back and believing in a young research team and investing some serious money in us and our idea.


A huge shoutout and heartfelt gratitude to Labfolder for their incredible support! Thanks to their generous sponsorship, our iGEM team was equipped with three licenses of their electronic lab notebook and lab management software! Labfolder's electronic lab notebook is the ultimate research companion, offering us a secure and intuitive platform to document, organize, and collaborate on our scientific discoveries. We could not be more thrilled to partner with Labfolder on this exciting journey of innovation and exploration.


In our advancing work with our delivery container ferritin, we reached the point were we need to purify our protein. Cytiva as a leading company for chromatography columns came to our rescue and offered a generous discount on their marketleading products. Thank you for supporting our goal!

Rockland/antibodies online

Immersed in science: A huge shoutout to Rockland and antibodies-online.com for their generous support! With anti-ferritin antibodies that they provided for us, we can now start our work with ferritin. From western blots to new discoveries, we are ready to unravel the mysteries of ferritin together. We are grateful for partners like Rockland who fuel our scientific journey!


SnapGene generously offered us 15 licenses for the duration of the 2023 iGEM competition. We want to thank you very much for the support you are showing to our project and we are grateful for the provided licenses.


Another very welcomed sponsor on our site is CellSignaling. By providing us with magnetic antiGFP beads, they helped us to kick off our work with our nanobodies. Thank you very much for your support!

Academic Support

Dr. Dirk Becker: eGFP-CPP plasmids and proteins

Prof. Dr. Tobias Beck: Ferritin plasmides and purification protocols

Dr. Steffen Ostendorp: antiGFP nanobodies

Marcel Streit, M.Sc.: ncAA for click chemistry

Cornelia Cazey: Training on Talos L120C TEM Microscope at cryoEM-facility at CSSB

Dr. Roland Thünauer: Training on Leica Dmi8 Inverted Wide Field Microscope and Leica SP8 Confocal Microscope at CSSB

A Big Thank You!

We want to thank all of our kind sponsors for helping us realizing this incredible journey for us! A big thank you also to all the people who supported us privately and donated to our fundraising appeal!