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In an ongoing worldwide crisis, we hold a transformative vision that transcends all barriers. We are exploring an universal solution to safeguard human health and well-being.


🦠 Picture a world where once-treatable bacterial infections become lethal threats due to the rise of multidrug resistant strains.

⚠️ Antibiotic resistance is no longer a distant hazard but an immediate and pressing global health concern. As bacteria evolve to outsmart our arsenal of antibiotics, we are faced with infections that are increasingly challenging to treat, prolonging suffering and elevating the risk of complications.

🌍 The World Health Organization (WHO) projects a grim future: by 2050, antibiotic resistance could claim 10 million lives annually.

In the face of such daunting statistics, we are pioneering a groundbreaking approach: a specific drug-delivery system enriched with synergistically acting components designed to combat microbial pathogens.


The Choice Of Cargo

Over time, bacteria have evolved intricate mechanisms that enable them to resist the effects of antibiotics. Given this challenge, it is imperative to think beyond conventional approaches and seek innovative solutions. In this context, we propose a novel strategy: a multi-component system harnessing plant-derived antimicrobial agents. This system is designed to effectively eradicate multidrug resistant bacteria through the synergistic action of its components. Such an approach could not only enhance treatment efficacy but also decelerate the emergence of new resistances.

Ferritin: More Than Just A Protein

Ferritin, a native iron storage protein, possesses the capability to securely encapsulate and selectively release active compounds. Owing to its subunits, it exhibits pH-sensitivity, enabling meticulous control over its assembly and disassembly. Encased within ferritin, the active agents are shielded from external influences.

The Universal Key

TransFERRITIN introduces a modular drug delivery system designed to efficiently penetrate the bacterial cell membranes and deliver antimicrobial agents directly inside. Using cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs), we aim to revolutionize the way we combat pathogenic bacteria.

Specific Targeting

Specificity allows substances to be transported directly to their target, improving effectiveness and protecting the body's microbiome. Nanobodies enable precise targeting of pathogens and provide controlled release of active ingredients.