Parts Code Parts Name Type I Type II Upload by Upload successfully Complies with assembly standards
BBa_K4870000 appA basic part Coding Ziang Gao YES YES
BBa_K4870001 An_phy33 basic part Coding  Ding Xuebin YES YES
BBa_K4870002 2u plasmid sequence basic part DNA Yin Tairu YES YES
BBa_K4870003 URA3p promoter basic part Regulatory Huang Sirui YES YES
BBa_K4870004 URA3 basic part Coding Huang Sirui YES YES
BBa_K4870005 Ashbya gossypil TEF promoter basic part Regulatory Ding Xuebin YES YES
BBa_K4870006 confers resistance to hygromycin basic part Coding Ding Xuebin YES YES
BBa_K4870007 Ashbya gossypil TEF terminator basic part Terminator Ding Xuebin YES YES
BBa_K4870008 GAL1 promoter basic part Regulatory Yin Tairu YES YES
BBa_K4870009 MF-alpha-1 basic part Coding Ding Xuebin YES YES
BBa_K4870010 G4S 3-linker basic part DNA Huang Sirui YES YES
BBa_K4870011 SED1 basic part Coding Ding Xuebin YES YES
BBa_K4870012 RPL41Bt terminator basic part Terminator Ziang Gao YES YES
BBa_K4870013 MF-alpha-1-appA-G4S 3-linker-SED1 composite part Translational_Unit Huang Sirui YES YES
BBa_K4870014 MF-alpha-1-An_phy33-G4S 3-linker-SED1 composite part Translational_Unit Ding Xuebin YES YES
BBa_K4870015 pYES2-backbone basic part Plasmid_Backbone Yin Tairu  YES NO
BBa_K4870016 pYES2-Hyg-GAL1p-AppA-SED1-RPL41Bt composite part Plasmid Huang Sirui YES YES
BBa_K4870017 pYES2-Hyg-GAL1p-An_phy33-SED1-RPL41Bt composite part Plasmid Xiaohan Fan YES YES