--The Magician in Food

What is phytase ?

Phytic acid is an organic compound present in our daily edible plants. It is harmnless in itself, but it hin-ders our absorption of nutrients. Phytase is a special enzyme that can effectiyely solye this problem and help our body better digest food and absorb nutrients.


. The growth of the population in livestock and humans results in food shortages.

. Creates a negative economic impact on the economy and livestock industries.

. Inadequate access to nutrients, and low efficiency in nutrient absorption, leading to malnutrition or hunger.

1. Find other food substitutes
2. Modify and process the fodder
3. Innovate breeding methods & promote the use of economical lifestyles


. Global population is rapidly growing exceeding 8 billion.

. The population of livestock has also been increasing.

. The growth of the population poses significant challenges.

The Magic of Phytase :

phytase is like a magician in food.When we eat food containing phytic acid, phytase can decompose these phytic acids to release the nutrients in the food.

Did you know that phytase is also helpful if used in pigs ?

Application of Phytase in Pig feed

Adding phytase to pig feed can help pigs better absorb nutrients in feed and reduce phosphorus and other fer-tilizers in pig excreta. It not only improves the efficiency of pig raising, but also contributes to the protection of the environment.