Team cooperation

This was the first year our school participated in the iGEM competition, and we were too uninformed about many aspects of the competition, especially in building the Wiki. Our team got in touch with the BNUZH-China team and the BUCT-China team through the CCIC communication group, we used social networking software to communicate and we also organized online meetings for direct communication.

1) Communication with BNUZH-China team

We first contacted Chao Pan from BNUZH-China team, he is a very enthusiastic person, we would ask him for advice about the competition, he answered all the confusions we raised in a timely manner, and provided us with a lot of help, especially during the process of uploading the promotional video. We had an online meeting with the BNUZH-China team in mid-September. We were new to the iGEM competition and we asked the BNUZH-China team for advice and experience, at this meeting, we listened to the BNUZH-China Team explain what they wanted to achieve, and we think their project idea is very innovative and opens up new perspectives on the treatment of cancer.

2) Communication with BUCT-China team

We contacted the BUCT-China team in mid-July, and he gave our team a lot of professional advice, especially on the uploading of components in the construction of the Wiki. He shared a lot of experience with our team about their participation in iGEM competitions in the past years, such as the software used for the defense, the process of the defense, etc. Which gave our team a lot of encouragement. In late September, our two teams held an online communication meeting, in which our team members asked the BUCT-China team about the problems we encountered, and the BUCT-China team members answered our questions in detail.In the online meeting exchange, we saw their professionalism, but also saw a lot of our shortcomings, this exchange promotes the friendship between our two teams.

3) Communication with ZJUT-China team

This year, we worked with the ZJUT-China team to share the wiki buildingprocess and technical details. Also our team tried Wikibreeze, a wiki contenteditor developed by ZJUT-China, which greatly improved the editing efficiency ofour team's wiki, and also helped to improve and refine the tool.

4) Communicate with many teams through CCiC

On April 28, 2023, our team got in touch with the 2023 China Regional iGEMers Exchange (CCiC), through which we were able to better communicate with other iGEMers, where we had problems with a lot of other team members who helped us with the answers to the questions. Through CCiC we learned more about the new standards for iGEM 2023, and also learned about the successes of other teams in previous years so that we can have a clearer plan for our participation in iGEM in the future. We would like to express our gratitude to every iGEMer in CCiC who has helped others.

Fig. We participate in the CCiC Online Exchange

Participating in the iGEM competition this year, we deeply felt the friendliness of iGEM teams helping each other, we are in the iGEM competition with zero experience, in the process of participation we got a lot of help from other teams, we are very, very thankful to them, and we will pass this goodness on, and use our own ability to help other friends who participate in the competition.