Expert Interviews

1) Consultation with Prof. Li Jishan

Prof. Jishan Li is a professor and PhD supervisor at the State Key Laboratory of Chemical Biological Sensing and Metrology. Research areas: biomedical imaging research (organic molecular probes / inorganic nanoprobes for SERS, upconversion fluorescence and MRI imaging research) In the middle of July, we encountered a big problem on our way to do the experiment. The glue we made and the dye we added to the reaction reagents was all done according to the experimental regulations, but the experimental images always showed poor trailing effects. So we asked Prof.Jishan Li, whether it was a mistake in the details of our experiment or something else, and Prof. Jishan Li pointed out that we should have a more precise dosage when we added the dye, and the professor also told us some of his experiences and methods for imaging problems of experimental results, so that the wave effect in the UV spectrophotometer was more obvious.

Fig. Consultation with Prof. Jishan Li

2) Consultation with Prof. Jianhui Jiang

Jianhui Jiang, Professor, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hunan University, PhD supervisor. Research areas: His research interests include nucleic acid analytical chemistry, nucleic acid molecular genetic engineering, cell engineering and therapy. In late June, we concluded our final project after 2 months of brainstorming and finalizing and overturning. We started our experimental design and experimental steps, our team members first reviewed a lot of literature, but we still felt lost in many theoretical aspects, so we sent request signals to detect Professor Jianhui Jiang, who was very patient and answered every question in detail, suggesting that we could use combined nucleic acid analytical chemistry methods to detect miRNA. Prof. Jiang Jianhui's words gave us a deep feeling to solve our confusion, and a lot of help was provided to us in developing the experimental steps.

Fig. Online communication between our team and Prof. Jiang Jianhui

3)Consultation with Prof. Ting Deng

Ting Deng, Ph.D., Associate Professor, M.S. Supervisor. Research area: chemical and biological sensing technology research Fluorescence nano-bioanalytical technology. In late August, as we moved into the closing part of our experiment, experimental difficulties reared their ugly head. We planned to make reagent strips for detecting myocardial infarction, but we used the miRNA in the bacteria we cultivated for the detection, and the coloring effect appeared on the strips was not obvious. We consulted with Prof. Ting Deng, who has profound research on fluorescent nanotechnology, and she gave us professional guidance to make the fluorescent effect of the experimental results more obvious.

Fig. Team members communicate with Prof. Deng Ting