Perfume Spread

In the 10th century, the Kingdom of Champa presented fifteen bottles of rose dew as tribute to the Central Plains, marking the first perfume introduced in China. Perfume has a history of 2000 years in China.

The captivating scent of perfume
comes from its essential fragrances

Terpenoids, with their unique aroma,
are highly favored by people.

Intermixed Terpenoids are
the darlings of perfumery.

the global terpene market
The global perfume market

Mixing different ratios and types of Terpenoids
creates a variety of flavors.

Terpenoids in Varying Ratios

Terpenoids in Varying Types

Multiple terpenoids can be synthesized on the MVA pathway

The lights-control part we designed can flexibly adjust the ratio of iT

We combine
the two keys!

Welcome to
the new world of fragrance