Wet Lab

Hey there! My name is Shiyuan Huang, a rising junior at Ulink College of Shanghai. I am the captain of this year's wet team. I'm interested in pathophysiology and neuroscience especially the molecular mechanism and treatment of depression. In the future, I want to be a surgeon and try to develop more available therapies for patients. Apart from academic things, I spend my spare time watching literacy movies and writing articles, which always deeply provoke my thought about people and society, they also help me to express my own idea and release pressure from study. This is the first time I participated in a synthetic biology competition, I believe I can learn more from increasing experiences and all kinds of mistakes together with my lovely friends!

Shiyuan Huang

Hello there! My name is Liang Chenyu and I am currently a rising Grade 11 student at Ulink College of Shanghai working in the college's iGEM wet lab. I have been long interested in biological sciences, engineering and especially in the area of genetics. I and hoping to keep exploring forward within the area and hopefully create more conveniences to the human society. Outside of my area of study, I am also interested in History, Linguistics and various sports, and I am also a member of the Ulink football team and the poetry club.

Chenyu Liang

Hello there. I am Jingguang Heng, rising Grade 11 in the upcoming September. As a member of the wet lab, I am interested in psychology and biology, with especial interest in sport psychology. To explore these fields, I spend much time studying articles and documentaries. I believe accumulation is basis for achievement. For spare time, football and jazz drum are my companions. I also enjoy travelling and hiking. Though I have participated in several different competitions before. this is the first i compete in synthetic biology. I wish to gain precious experience from the brand new attempt.

Jingguang Heng

Hi !! My name is XinChun Wang and I am sixteen. I am the leader of wet lab which constitutes the iGEM team of ulink college. I have participated in the Chinese Chemistry Olympiad as a candidate and won a silver award for the final,2022 as a social student. Also, I am really into metal catalyst and heterocyclic compound chemistry, when I was in the summer camp of Scripps lab, I was working on reseaching the reactivities and machenisms as well as selectivity of catalytic reactions . I hope to be a chemist and keep working on the things I love , to find out more about the interactions among various compounds .

Xinchun Wang

My name is Chenchen Liu and I'm 16 years old after this year. My favorite subject is biology and zoology, I'm also interestied by archeology. The reason why I attend this competition is to have a basic understanding of the laboratory life and help me to determine my carear in the future. In my spare time, I like to listent to the music and watch documentary video.

Chenchen Liu

Hello, I am Lang Qin, a member of the wet lab. As a 16-year-old, I had already developed a keen interest in the field of biology, with a particular focus on veterinary science. My aspiration is to become a vet who specializes in treating diverse animal species. Interestingly, this career choice was influenced by my lovely kitty. During leisure time, I enjoy creating artwork while listening to audiobooks as it fascinates me. Lastly, I hope that through this project, I can acquire valuable experience and knowledge while forging new friendships.

Lang Qin

HI, I'm Yixuan Huang, a team member from the wet lab.My age is 16 years old.I enjoy traveling very much, spending two months per years' time traveling with my family, I have met many different people and culture which broadened my view.I am also very interested in biology too.I used to have congenital heart disease which is a serious illness.(possibly I will die from heart attack in my 20s)However,it was cured by a famous heart doctor in China so since than,I have the willing to be a biologist in the future,due to I want to cure as more illness as possible in my entire life.

Yixuan Huang
Dry Lab

Hi, I'm Jue Jiang, the team leader of dry lab. I'm a 16-year-old girl who extremely loves sports. During most of the spare time, I go out for different sport activities such as riding, hiking and playing badminton, which I think is one of the reasons that I always being energetic. Some of my other hobbies, such as taking photos and editing videos, play an important role in this training, as I take charge of all video making tasks. I’m also good at building relationships with people so I did a great job on the education, interview as well as the teamwork during the training. I’ll keep on contributing my advantages and making this journey impressive!

Jue Jiang

Hi,I'm Yiduo Gu,a team member of dry lab.Now,I'm 16 years old.In my spare time, I prefer playing games and reading novels.Sometimes I write some articles myself. I was able to create some simple cartoons. In the future, I prefer to study business. Because, under the influence of my parents, I developed some interest in doing business. So, in this project, I chose to work on dry lab. I hope that in the process, I can have a clearer understanding of myfuture.

Yiduo Gu

I’m Fionn Xiaozhen Zhu, a team member of dry lab. I’m 17 years old this year. I usually play netball and listen to musics at my leisure. I’m also interested in coomputer science. I’m pleased to take part in the iGEM. I hope I can broaden my vision and gain some experience on how to run a company. What's more, I wanted to practise the skills of communication with others.

Fionn Xiaozhen Zhu

Hi, I'm Kaixin Deng, a team member of dry lab. I'm sixteen this year. Is a quadratic fan, usually especially like watching animation, listening to songs, painting and cutting videos, and has a video creation platform of its own, has also gained a lot of followers. In daily life, I am an outgoing and responsible person, so I also undertook many management jobs in the school, such as the manager of the volleyball team, the person in charge of the school radio station, and a member of the student Union... I'm a science enthusiast, but I'm also an adventurer. In order to keep trying new things, so came to the dry team. In these days, I will enjoy this valuable trip and gain rich experience.

Kaixin Deng