Aquatic environment contains rich natural resources. Algae, especialy brown algae,is able to produce alginate, which is a water-soluble acidic macromolecule. Due to human activities, eutrophication has became a severe problem, which depletes the dissolved oxygen in the water through photosynthesis, destroying the ecological balance of the water body. Although brown algine is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agriculture and other fields in daily life after being degraded, nowadays the traditional degradation process is costly, inefficient, and will destroy its structure.
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Combine alginate lyase with celullase could enchance the efficiency of degradation and improve the quality of final product. Alginate oligosaccharide can be extracted through this process and can be utilize as an organic fertilizer in agriculture. Our product, alginate oligosaccaride-based fertilizer cna be used as a novel plant vaccine, which can promote plant growth, increase yield, and improve plant drought resistance and virus resistance, etc.
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Alginate lyase gene AL2, cellulase gene bgls, and SRRz genes are inserted into the plasmid of E.coli Rosetta, alginate lyase and cellulase enzymes expressed are used together for breaking down the alginate polysaccharide more efficiently, SRRz genes is the arabinose induced-suicide genes that cause the bacteria to break down by themselves, releasing alginate lyase and cellulase.
Once cellulase and alginate lyase are exposed to the brown algae, the alginate inside the algae would broken down into alginate oligosaccharide via hydrolysis, which later can be used as an organic fertilizer.



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