Student Leader

Dongmin Choi

Hello everyone! My name is Dongmin Choi, a junior at Chadwick International. It’s such a pleasure to serve as the student co-leader of this year’s iGEM team, and I hope this competition provides every participant with a chance to pursue scientific excellence and delve deeper into their academic interests. Speaking of academic interests, I am passionate about the fields of physics and math, where I find great joy in exploring the profound principles deeply rooted in our daily lives. I am relatively new to biology, but I am confident that the takeaways from iGEM will serve as valuable insight into the realm of the subject. Indeed, the bio lab experiences are what I anticipate the most from iGEM! Once again, it is a privilege to work with a group of talented teammates. As we embark on this journey, our work will inspire a lot of people. Glad to work with all of you!