Partnering with KUAS_Seoul to Host the Korean Synthetic Biology competition

Through the course of preparation and the hosting of the competition, the SSBU and KUAS_Seoul entered into a partnership, an undergraduate team participating in the 2023 iGEM with the objective to expand the range of education to college level, and thus promoting education without age barriers. The collaboration granted a valuable opportunity to share our innovative ideas for the iGEM competition and to encourage various participants from diverse backgrounds to be involved, either from college level or high school, which helped to foster a sense of community within the participants for KSBC competition and the SSBU, KUAS_Seoul members. KUAS_Seoul also had the opportunity to introduce their project to all the participants prior to the competition as well.

Fig. 1: Introduction Slide of Team KUAS_Seoul

Fig. 2. Screenshot of the Meeting with Team KUAS_Seoul