Cosmetic Bacteria

*Green puls bacillus : Gram-negative bacteria.

*Goldena staphylococcus : Gram-positive bacteria.

*They can enter the upper respiratory tract or intestines.

*If golden staphylococcus infect the intestines, it proliferates extensively
within the intestines,causing significant disruption to the stability of the
intestinal microbial community while producing enterotoxins.

* Currenttly, the primary method for detecting golden staphylcoccus is the
plasma coagulase test.

*Enterotoxins are important products of Staphylococcus aureus.They can
be detected using simple methods like double-layered agar diffusion
assays or ELISA tests.

*Molecular biology methods like DNA electrophoresis after PCR can detect
Staphylococcus aureus, while utilizing the differences between bacterial and
eukaryotic ribosomes can only identify the presence of certain microbial
groups, but not the exact species of bacteria

*The CRISPR-Casl2a technology is based on the most cuttingedge gene editing.
technique today-CRISPR/Cas.

*We innovatively applied the CRISPR/Cas technology to a reagent kit,
expanding the scope of its application, By combining simple heating and other
steps fluorescence can be observed and readings can be taken, providing an
easy way to quantify results.

A bacteria detection kit for

Staphylococcus aureus

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

powered by the
CRISPR/Cas 12a gene
editing technology

Easy and convenient to

detect bacteria right at

home Can also be utilized

by cosmetic companies

Project Goals

help people to detect cosmetics in their home

without using specialized facilities

draw people's attention
to the safety of cosmetics
reduce the probability of
skin diseases caused by
using contaminated

New means of detecting bacteria at a lower cost

and with higher efficiency

Help companies to
produce high-quality, safe
provide customers with a
healthier and more
enjovable experience

become a valuable and much needed solution

for both individuals and companies seeking to prioritize the
safety and quality of cosmetics