Hi, I'm Zhao Suyang from School of Life Sciences, Northwestern Polytechnical University. After learning about iGEM and the concept of synthetic biology, I developed a strong interest in it. In 2023, I will work as a leader in NPU-CHINA, hoping that we can learn more knowledge and explore the mysteries of biology.

Hi! Ni Hao! I'm HaoXin Chen, or you can call me Kenny. I feel more than excited to enter iGEM 2023 with my teammates, having the opportunity to improve knowledge in biology, my major, meet with various people and ideas and explore the colorful world of media production. Though everything looks fresh and hard for me, I have full confidence to enjoy these several months of working with my efforts, making it possible. Besides, hope that you enjoy our achievements!

Chen Fuqing, a student majoring in Biotechnology at Life College of NPU, is currently practicing as the leader of the experiment group at NPU-CHINA. I am responsible for organizing and leading our experiment projects. I can describe myself in a few words: calm, rigorous, optimistic, and sometimes lively and approachable to others.

Yiwei LI 2002.10.01

Hello, I'm Bai Yueqiu, a biotechnology major from Northwestern Polytechnical University. It is my great honor to participate in the npu-china team as an advisor. I hope to grow together with the team and explore the frontier of synthetic biology.

Hi, I am Wang Jiaye from Northwest University of Technology. I have a strong interest in the enigmatic events involving genes and I am committed to uncovering their secrets. I'm honoured to participate in IGEM and I'm sure it will leave a lasting impression on my life.

Hello everyone, I am Zhao Maojin, a student from the School of Life sciencecs at Northwestern Polytechnical University. I am pleased to participate in igem 2023 as a member of the NPU-China experimental group. I have a strong interest in the mysteries of life and want to explore more. Moving forward with peers can lead to further progress

Chen Congling is the excellent leadership in the team. You will admire the organizing ability and oratory of him in his speaking. He recruited the nearly the whole team and conceived the original idea of our team. Everyone would be subjected to his artful talk when he were to spring out the trump card.

Hello everyone, my name is Tang Yuxin. I am a junior student majoring in biotechnology at Northwestern Polytechnical University. It is my great pleasure to participate in the human practice of NPU_CHINA in igem 2023. I have a passion for exploring the unknown, and I always brave enough to challenge all kinds of difficulties.

Hi, my name is Fu Ye Zengxin from the product design major of Northwestern Polytechnical University. I like fantastical, novel and vivid design. I like to explore new ideas and find more brilliant colors together with my team.

Hello!I am Huang Jing from Northwestern Polytechnical University and a new member of the iGEM team. I have always had a strong interest in biological sciences, especially in the cutting-edge research of gene editing. Joining iGEM gives me the opportunity to combine my theoretical knowledge with practical application and develop my team collaboration and project management skills. In future research projects, I look forward to utilizing my expertise to contribute to the team's success.

Hello! I am Yuhan Zhang , an undergraduate student in Northwestern Polytechnical University and my major is biotechnology. I am very glad to participate in the wiki design of NPU-CHINA in iGEM 2023, which required a lot of effort and teamwork to do it well. As a student majoring in biotechnology, I am passionate about life sciences and I really hope to apply the knowledge I’ve learned to solve real-world problems.

Hello everyone, my name is Jiachen An. I'm delighted to represent NPU in the IGEM2023 competition. I believe that synthetic biology will make the world a better place.

In this project, my major work is performing experiments to express and purify nitrite reductase. And I analyzed a large part of the data generated by our team, as well as data from previous iGEM teams and literature, to better understand the mechanism of nitrite reductase. I am also in charge of writing and reviewing content for the wiki and other documents related to the experiment part.

Hi! I am Lu Jueru, a student major in Biotechnology at Northwestern Polytechnical University. In this project, I am mainly the team leader of the Human Practice section, planning a series of HP activities. In my spare time, I like to participate in volunteer activities related to environmental protection. I am very socially intimidated when I first get in touch with others, but I can have a lot of fun after I get familiar with people. I hope I can gain something from this competition.

Hello,It’s Shi Ruilin here. I am glad to take a part in the iGEM project 2023 of NWPU as a member of HP. Learning new things with my companions is such a joyful experience. And I always feel the creativity of mine when comes about biotechnology. Builds the world with my knowledge would be one of the biggest dreams of mine.

Chen Nanxin,Wu Yixia,Xia Zeyan

Meet Professor WEINING NIU, a distinguished scientist in the field of synthetic biology, serves as a Ph.D. supervisor and Vice Dean at our institute. Over the years, he has dedicated his research efforts to the modification of enzyme machinery for disease detection and natural product synthesis. As the Principal Investigator of this project, his expertise and passion for iGEM have been instrumental in driving our team towards success. He has taken on the responsibility of providing comprehensive technical and theoretical guidance for our iGEM project. His unwavering support has significantly boosted our confidence and motivation. Despite the countless hours he spends with us, he never hesitates to patiently address our inquiries, guide us through experimental procedures, and engage in discussions regarding our research progress.

We wanted to take a moment to introduce Dr. JUN WANG, who is dedicating his research efforts to the improvement and enhancement of enzyme machines. Apart from his expertise in enzyme engineering, WANG possesses a remarkable passion for the synthetic biology and has shown great enthusiasm towards participating in iGEM competitions. In our ongoing project, he holds the position of the Second Principal Investigator and takes charge of providing technical guidance and overseeing the progress of the entire project. He is known for his open communication style and enjoys engaging with each team member. He consistently offers valuable suggestions and encourages us not to fear failure, providing us with the necessary support to push the boundaries of our research.

Meet Dr. Gao! Gao is one of our instructors, and she gives us common experimental technique support, and manages experimental reagent and material for this project. For me iGEM means great opportunity for students' improvement by exploring their knowledge, and give me the chance to meet so many conceptive and creative students.

I am a biology teacher at the university with a specialization in Bioinformatics. Exploring the complex relationship between biology and technology has always fascinated me. I am passionate about deciphering the hidden patterns in biological data and leveraging computational tools to gain insights into various biological processes. Apart from my academic pursuits, I lead an active lifestyle and find solace in physical activities. Whether it’s going for a jog, hitting the gym, or playing a friendly game of basketball, I believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body. Additionally, I also enjoy indulging in leisure activities to unwind and relax, such as reading a good book or exploring nature. I find great joy in teaching and sharing my knowledge with students, inspiring them to explore the vast wonders of biology and bioinformatics. Together, let’s embark on a journey of discovery and understanding in the fascinating world of life sciences.

This is one of our instructor, Dr. Li Heng, who is currently a PhD candidate specializing in Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Li is actively involved in research related to iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis. As a member of our research team, Dr. Li provides guidance and expertise in various experimental techniques, including protein purification, rational design, and site-directed mutagenesis. With his profound knowledge and experience in these areas, he has been instrumental in steering our project towards success.

Allow us to introduce Dr. Yanxiong Wang, a key figure in our iGEM team's relentless pursuit of excellence in enzyme engineering and synthetic biology. His profound expertise in enzyme design and computational modeling has rendered him an indispensable asset to our team. Dr. Wang's primary focus lies in rational enzyme design, where he offers invaluable technical guidance to our project. His unwavering passion for synthetic biology and fervor for iGEM competitions inspire our team to delve into innovative solutions and expand the horizons of our research.