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Our project can be an effective means of self-control for depression that can be used on a daily basis. We have biosynthesized the antidepressant component of saffron in E. coli and developed an antidepressant measure with minimal side effects. The process of their implementation is described below.

1.Material Production

This means that only a small amount can be obtained, which is very expensive and makes it difficult to obtain a stable supply.

We use E. coli to produce crocetin, crotin, and picrocrotin, which are components of saffron. These substances can be produced from glucose and can be an inexpensive means of production.

Due to the aspect that it is necessary to handle and produce genetically modified organisms, it is necessary to notify the government.

2.Product Production

Currently, drug therapy for depression has problems such as side effects and resistance to medications. Saffron produced in E. coli is formulated and produced in cookies to address these issues.

In order to eliminate the extraction process and further reduce the price, which is the advantage of this product, we are promoting the use of nuclease-free E. coli. We believe this will reduce the risk of genetic contamination from ingesting genetically modified organisms and also increase customer confidence in using the product.


Our product is envisioned to be sold as a Food for Specified Health Use. This will allow us to sell our products with their antidepressant effects labeled and deliver them to the appropriate users.

We are considering selling these products in supermarkets, drugstores, and even on the Internet. By having many options for these channels, we hope to increase our offerings to more users.

4. End User

The primary end-users are likely to be patients with mild symptoms of depression who are reluctant to take antidepressant medications because of their side effects. While antidepressants sometimes have significant side effects, Saffron is known to have few side effects and we believe it will help solve this problem. Patients attending the hospital can use this product as a means of self-control in consultation with their physicians.

We also believe that users of this product exist in the sense that the efficacy of antidepressants varies greatly from person to person and that many avenues can be tried.

Furthermore, there are some depressed patients who are resistant to taking drugs or refuse to take drugs. As a health food, our product is an effective product in the lives of these patients.

5. References