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Section 1 : Introduction

Biology is different from other engineering fields due to a lack of modular nature of the structure and function, which means the expression of gene will change when transferred from one species to another. What synthetic biology is dedicated to is the modularization and standardization of functional gene, to make the expression of it predictable in different chassis organism. Our project has registered 19 basic parts and 10 composite parts, all qualified for standardized requirement of RFC[10] or RFC[1000]. We have also tested these parts. We hope that everyone can utilize our parts based on our research through registry and that the information for parts can further be completed so that more people can make use of them.

Section 2 : Basic parts

Part Number Part Name Type Length
BBa_K4595000 Pcpc560 Regulatory 561
BBa_K4595001 Prbcl Regulatory 398
BBa_K4595002 ldhA Coding 1002
BBa_K4595003 lldP Coding 1656
BBa_K4595005 Tpsbc Terminator 200
BBa_K4595006 Ppsba2 Regulatory 285
BBa_K4595007 omcs Coding 1299
BBa_K4595010 Ptac Regulatory 29
BBa_K4595011 ycel Coding 1203
BBa_K4595012 pncB Coding 1203
BBa_K4595014 nadD Coding 642
BBa_K4595015 nadM Coding 1044
BBa_K4595016 nadE Coding 828
BBa_K4595019 gshA Coding 1170
BBa_K4595020 gshB Coding 963
BBa_K4595022 dsup Coding 1338
BBa_K4595025 oprf Coding 1053
BBa_K4595026 dsup Coding 1338
BBa_K4595027 sodA Coding 636

Section 3 : Improvement

In this year, we tried to increase our target products, lactate and electricity, by modulating the total amount of intracellular NAD(H/+). In cyanobacteria we tried to introduce OmcS, an electron transfer protein to achieve an increase in NADH content, which in turn provides more cofactors for lactate dehydrogenase to catalyze more lactate. In Shewanella oneidensis MR-1, we attempted to enhance NADH synthesis by adding new synthetic pathways and increasing the activity of enzymes in the pathway, including nadE, a previously registered part. We performed codon optimization for Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 and further analyzed and predicted the protein structure to provide a reliable basis for experimental research and development, and registered it as a new part BBa_K4595015.

Finally, we successfully constructed four major plasmids, successfully verified the expression of relevant genes in some of them, and detected the enhancement of lactate generated by cyanobacteria with the power production of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1.

Section 4 : Composite parts

Part Number Part Name Type Length
BBa_K4595004 Pcpc560-ldha-lldP-Tpsbc Composite 3439
BBa_K4595008 Ppsba2-omcs-Tpsbc Composite 1798
BBa_K4595009 Pcpc560-ldhA-lldP-Tpsbc-Ppsba2-omcs-Tpsbc Composite 5245
BBa_K4595013 Ptac-ycel-pncB-rrnBT1-T7TE Composite 2624
BBa_K4595017 Ptac-nadE-nadD-nadM-rrnBT1-T7TE Composite 2758
BBa_K4595018 Ptac-ycel-pncB-rrnBT1-T7TE-Ptac-nadE-nadD-nadM-rrnBT1-T7TE Composite 5390
BBa_K4595021 Prbcl-gshA-gshB-Tpsbc Composite 2755
BBa_K4595023 Prbcl-dsup-Tpsbc Composite 1950
BBa_K4595024 Prbcl-dsup-Tpsbc-Prbcl-gshA-gshB-Tpsbc Composite 4713
BBa_K4595028 Ptac- RBS1-dsup-RBS1-sod-RBS2-oprf-rrnBT1-T7TE Composite 3273
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