Tallahassee Bioengineering Symposium 

An exciting event showcasing the wonders of biological and biomedical engineering 

Florida State University International Genetically Engineered Machine (FSU iGEM)
The FSU iGEM program provides an undergraduate research experience focused on innovation and team-based science and engineering. The FSU iGEM teams are committed to leading the conversation on the opportunities and impacts of synthetic biology at FSU and beyond. With this Symposium, the 2023 FSU iGEM team will showcase synthetic biology, bioengineering, and share with you their project that addresses a rare disease called Trimethylaminurea (TMAU), commonly known as "Fish Odor Syndrome".

Challenger Learning Center
The Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee (CLC) is the K-12 outreach facility of the Florida A&M University – Florida State University College of Engineering. The CLC's mission is to provide students and their families with high-quality educational experiences to increase student interest in and enthusiasm for the sciences, mathematics, and technology, to improve students’ knowledge and problem-solving skills in these fields and to teach students to work in teams and think critically. Through this collaboration with FSU iGEM, the CLC hopes to showcase a unique symposium.