Education and public engagement 👩‍🏫

Throughout the year, our team participated in various events that allowed us to interact with various peoples heaving or not a scientific background. Thus, we exchanged with high-school pupils, with our student pears, with confirmed scientists, but also with the general public. All these events allowed us to share our passion for science and get feedback on our project.

Paris 2023 Science Bar

In Mars 2023, we took part in the Paris 2023 Science Bar, where we presented the relevance of using synthetic biology in healthcare. Paris Science Bar is an initiative that aims to bring together the general public and the researchers in a typical Parisian friendly environment. It has the originality of allowing the public to interact directly with the scientists and to be punctuated by the interventions of a singer-musician on the theme of the debate.

Interview of iGEM Evry Paris Saclay at the Paris 2023 Science Bar.

Play to debate

In April 2023, we also presented synthetic biology to high-school science students during a video conference. The aim was to popularize synthetic biology and show the various possible applications. This participation was organized in the framework of the "Jouer à débattre" project coordinated by Clara Fruchon of the association "L'Arbre des connaissances".

Presentation of synthetic biology to high school students (by videoconference).

French Meetup

In June 2023, our team took part in the French meetup in Toulouse, organized by the French teams Toulouse-INSA-UPS and Nantes. The purpose of the meetup was to bring together the French iGEM teams so that each could present its project. In all, 9 French iGEM teams were present. It was very rewarding to meet the other teams and exchange ideas on our projects, both from a scientific and organizational point of view.

9 iGEM teams at the French Meetup in Toulouse

Sup'Biotech synthetic biology conference for 2nd year students

In September 2023, our team also presented the OptogenEYEsis project at the Sup'Biotech biotechnology engineering school, at a conference organized by the French iGEM Ionis-Paris team. The aim of the conference was to introduce synthetic biology to students and present our projects for the 2023 iGEM competition.

OptogenEYEsis presentation to the Sup'Biotech students

DIM BioConvS Innovation Day

In November 2023, we presented our OptogenEYEsis project at the DIM BioConvS' annual symposium (Innovation Day), in the form of a scientific poster created especially for the occasion. This symposium is dedicated to innovation in biotherapy, bioproduction and synthetic biology.

Presentation of OptogenEYEsis at the DIM BioConvS' symposium, in the form of a poster