Meet Our Team


Maya Balakumaran

Maya is a senior in high school, and this is her second year on the iGEM team. She’s an enthusiastic participant on the human practices, education, and scientific background subteams. In her free time, Maya enjoys baking, hiking, crocheting, and spending time with friends.

Oyujin Damdinsuren

A junior in highschool, Oyujin is always a sunny spirit in the lab and is a key member of the Design & Graphics team. This is her second year on the team, and she brings a lot to the table with all of her expertise gathered over these two years. When she’s not in the lab, she can be found baking, her favorite food being Kirkland Signature vanilla ice cream with warm homemade blueberry sauce

Nadia Ghaicepour

Nadia is an experienced member of the Implementation and Human Practices subteams. She is a senior at Marriotts Ridge High School and in her free time, she enjoys playing piano and violin. She joined iGEM because she is passionate about synthetic biology and the possibilities of its applications.

Sophia Hsu

A senior at George Washington University Online High School, Sophia is on the Scientific Background and Wiki subteams. She is passionate about engineering, biology, and medicine. She loves doing wetlab work, and you might see her with creative PPE.

Anali Joaquin Normendez

As student at Patterson Park Public Charter School, Anali is on the Human Practices subteam. Anali joined iGEM because she wanted to learn how we can use synthethic biology in many diffrent ways to make the world a better place. She likes to play volleyball and her favorite food is pasta.

Sam Kay

This is Sam's first year on the time, she's a sophomore at Ritchard Montgomery high school. She is on the Design & Graphics and Education subteam. She appreciates the theatrical arts.

Raja Ayan Khawar

Raja is a tenth grader at North County High School and is a member of the Human Practices subteam.

Emily Kelly

A junior at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Emily is on the Implementation and Education subteams. Emily joined iGEM because she wanted to learn about working in a lab to pursue a career in science. If she were on an abandoned island, she would bring as many swiss rolls and as much sweet tea as possible.

Amelia Mogul

Amelia is a student at The Park School of Baltimore on the Wiki subteam.

Ulysses Matricciani

A junior in high school, Ulysses is on the Implementation subteam. Ulysses joined iGEM because he wants to go into Neglected Tropical Disease and Vector Biology as a Medical Entomologist. The East Coast Biocrew is a unique way for high schoolers like Ulysses to get life changing experience directly in the field. He really likes plants.

Shumvobi Mitra

Shumvobi is an experienced member of the Implementation subteam. She likes cats, cookies, and plays cello. She's doing research at George Washing University.

Alejandra Molina Hernandez

Alejandra is a 10th-grader who goes to Maryvale high school. She is on the wiki subteam. She enjoys running in track.

Cecilia Pate

A Junior in High School, Cecelia is on the Wiki and Math modeling subteams. Cecelia joined iGEM to learn more about science and how different fields of work contribute to one project. She also plays violin and is on the tech crew in her school's theater department where she helps lead audio.

Eli Pate

Eli is a senior in highschool who likes chemistry and making congressional maps. This year he is on the Math Modeling subteam.

Peter Pate

Peter is a freshman in highschool, he likes drawing maps that are not congressional maps, he knows a lot of history, and he's on the wiki subteam.

Pavin Rajagopal

A junior in high school, Pavin is part of the Math Modeling subteam and enjoys playing tennis. Pavin joined iGEM because it seemed interesting and he likes synthetic biology.

Phineas Schanbacher

A Junior in High School, Phineas is on the Design and Graphics subteam. Phinease joined iGEM as he wanted to learn more about how humans interact with the environment in terms of microbiology

Rebecca Showalter-Enamorado

Rebecca is a valued member of the Wiki Team where she puts her coding stress de-escalation skills to work, and is a senior in high school. This is her second year on the team. When she has free time, which she doesn’t, she can be found reading or painting.

Xiomara Strayhorn

A senior in high school, Xiomara is part of the Math Modeling subteam. Xiomara joined iGEM for a opportunity to practice scientific methods outside of a school curriculum and work with a team of similar ages with a variety of knowledge levels to solve a local issue using synthetic biology to hopefully fix a worldwide issue as well.

Gabrielle Sutherland

A junior in high school, Gabrielle is on the Implementation and Education subteams. Gabrielle love experimenting with different flavors when she cooks, like making creamy gochujang noodles or blueberry-thyme kombucha..

Max Swann

A Junior in High School, Max is on Math Modeling and the Wiki subteams. Max joined iGEM because he’s been interested in genetics and synthetic biology. He uses his experience from being on the team for his 4th year to advise new members. He has managed to retain his sanity despite HTML’s best efforts, mostly due to the existence of red pandas.

Greeshma Tarimala

Greeshma is a student at Mount Hebron High School and a volunteer instructor at BUGSS. She is on the Scientific Foundations subteam

Dhruv Veda

Dhruv is a high school sophomore on the Human Practices subteam; his favorite food is a simple pasta with sauce, herbs, and cheese.

Sophia Wang

Sophia is a junior in high school, and this is her first year on the team. She is a part of the human practices subteam. In her free time, she likes to play the flute and has run track for six years.

Hannah Weinke

Hannah is in tenth grade, she's homeschooled, this is her first year on the team, and she's on the Scientific Background subteam. She plays soccer and likes to take naps.

Harry Wojcik

Harry is a high school student on the wiki subteam.

Ivy Yan

A sophomore in high school, this is Ivy’s first year participating in iGEM. Ivy is an avid member of the education subteam. Outside of iGEM, Ivy enjoys reading and listening to music.

Sky Zhang

Sky is a junior in high school and a member of the design and graphics subteam. He is an expert in drawing, color schemes, and axolotls.


Lisa Scheifele

Executive director of BUGSS, principal mentor and mentors Education subteam.

Jake Bibik

Mentors the Scientific Foundations subteam

Eric Ezenwanne

Mentors the Math Modeling subteam

Sarah Grace Ho

Mentors the Implementation subteam

Nina Rajpurohit

Mentors the Human Practices subteam.

Kelsey Shimoda

Mentors the Design and Graphics subteam

Lydia Stamato

Mentors the wiki subteam.