Colorectal cancer(CRC) is a malignant tumor, ranking as the second most common cancer in the world.
It has claimed many lives and left many families penniless.

Despite numerous treatments, the clinical needs are still far to be met,
So new solution is in an urgent need.

CRC onset is deeply intertwined with the gut microbiome. Among all intestinal bacteria, Fusobacterium nucleatum (Fn) stands out as a key culprit.

It is attached to cancer cells and colonizes in colon, which greatly influences tumor growth, metastasis and immune escape.

Although antibiotics can effectively clear Fn and help tumor regression, antibiotic resistance is inevitable.

Hence,we sets sight on antimicrobial peptides, which are less prone to resistance.

We chose LL37, from the terminal antimicrobial region of human cationic antimicrobial protein 18(hCAP18), as our candidate killing peptide.

Don't underestimate it, it has the ability to kill both Fn and CRC, which perfectly fits our therapeutic goal.

We further modified it to obtain a shorter and more compact double killing peptide.

As a peptide, it is easy to be expressed with engineered bacteria using synthetic biology methods, and it became the best choice for killing Fn and treating CRC.

We also aim for a double victory, namely, efficiently targeting both tumor cells

And pathogen and killing them at the same time.