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What is SoDoVi

Why is it important to produce these vitamins?

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin in our body, being a vital part of both our nerve system and skin to mention a few. B12 is normally only found in animal products, meaning that we are currently dependent on either animal husbandry or synthetic production to get our daily required intake. With SoDoVi we could easily produce it biologically, without using animals.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is used in our body for a plethora of functions, but most vitaly eyesight. Without this vitamin our body isn't able to properly regenerate and symptoms can result in permanent loss of eyesight. Vitamin A is globally one of the most common vitamins to be deficent in, making it of great interest.

How will we do it?

In a typical sourdough starter there are two microorganisms that co-exist, bacteria and yeast. This cohabitation in a flour and water mixture has been used by humans for millennia. Our plan is to genetically alter how these microorganisms produce different metabolites, to make them produce vitamins. This would mean that we wouldn't require animals or synthetic production for vitamin A or B12, you could eat bread to stay healthy instead!
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