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1. We have developed a novel method for quantifying and qualitatively assessing the content of microplastics in samples, which is accessible on the measurement page.

2. We created a part named "CBM3" by modifying the monomers proposed by Links China 2021, offering future teams valuable enhancements. Additionally, the creation of "CBM3-Globulin-CBM3" involves the reapplication of Links China 2021's triblock structure, serving as a reference for teams working on materials-related projects.

3. We conducted the first modeling of the adsorption of microplastics by bio-based materials, providing a foundational framework for future teams.

4. We introduced a calculator program that enables consumers to estimate their daily intake of microplastics, aiming to raise awareness about microplastic ingestion and encourage individuals to reduce their reliance on plastic products in their daily lives.



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