Meet our Team!

Team Captain

Jan is our team captain and responsible for the alignment of all subgroups and activities with our mission and goals. He designed and built our hardware project, the process modeling and coded parts of the Wiki as well.

Lab Lead

Arno organizes and leads our wet lab activities, planning, executing and evaluating many experiments himself. Furthermore he is responsible for lab safety and contributes greatly to background research.

Head of Human Practices

Frederik leads the planning and execution of our Human Practices, orienting our activities along the Sustainable Development Goals. Further, he played a key role in managing our funds and helped with modeling.

Deputy Captain

Alina is our Deputy Captain, organizing meetings and collaborations with other iGEM teams. She also performed experiments in the Yeast Lab. Furthermore, she creates photo material and takes part in the public engagement.

Head of Finance

Leon leads our fundraising division, securing and keeping in contact with our supporters. He designed and performed the field-tests for our hardware project and also helped in the Yeast Lab and with background research.

Deputy Lab Lead

Peer organized and performed experiments for the surface expression in yeast and for phage display. He contributed to project ideas and promotional material and was also responsible for lab safety.

Head of Modeling

Pascal leads our peptide modeling subgroup and is mainly responsible for setting up, running and visualizing our simulations. He also kept an eye on the contributions we have made for future iGEM teams.

Head of Design

Leonie organizes and designs our visual presentations like our Wiki. She also produced proteins and conducted various experiments in our Peptide Lab, and helped with public engagement.

Head of Wiki

Timo leads the conceptualization and implementation of our Wiki from a software point of view. He also helped to reseach general project ideas and contributed to the selection of hardware devices and their implementation.

Head of Social Media

Ragul manages the design and contents of our Social Media accounts. He also performed many experiments in the Peptide Lab, created various visualizations, and organized meet-ups with other iGEM teams.

Head of Hardware

Franziska organizes the sensors and electronics of our hardware project, as well as our hardware tutorials. She contributed to the conceptualization of the project idea and helped at various public engagements.

Head of Storytelling

Gina is responsible for the reseach and drafting of content like our promotional and presentation videos, or newspaper articles. She further performed experiments in the Yeast Lab and maintained the lab notebook.

Lab Team, Human Practices

Melissa helps with project administration and performed many research tasks and interviews for our Human Practices. Furthermore, she conducted experiments to produce our metal binding peptides.

Lab Team

Christian plans, performs and evaluates experiments in our Yeast Lab. He came up with the idea of Rare-Earth recycling for our iGEM project, and performed extensive background research.

Lab Team

Thalia plans and conducts experiments for the production and testing of our metal binding peptides. She also reseached for our peptide and primer design, and generated SOPs for the lab methods.

Lab Team, Social Media

Rochelle creates photo material and content for our Wiki and Social Media channels. She also helped documenting our engineering successes as well as performed experiments in our Peptide Lab.

Human Practices, Social Media

Trami helps to run our Social Media accounts, connecting with other iGEM teams, and representing our team on on-campus events. She also helped with fundraising and worked on our video deliverables.

Lab Team, Human Practices

Alexandra conducts experiments for the surface expression of lanmodulin. Additionally, she organized interviews for Human Practices and respresented our team at public engagements.

Lab Team, Human Practices

Johanna works in our Peptide Lab on producing and analyzing our metal binding peptides. She took part in many outreach projects like our school visits and conducted interviews with experts on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Fundraising, Human Practices

Tom helps to raise funds and connect with our supporters. He also organized, conducted and evaluated expert interviews, and surveys for the public.

Lab Team, Storytelling

Mika performs experiments in our Peptide Lab. He also researched the legal requirements and background information for metal binding peptides and wrote drafts for our videos and Wiki.


Julian helps to contact companies to secure funding and support. He also represented our team and project ideas on a trade fair.

Lab Team, Hardware

Nina performs preparatory lab work and helps to research project ideas. She also contributed to builded the bioreactor part of our Hardware project.


See Yuan designs and animates content for our wiki and other promotional material.

Hardware, Design

Chen Yie helps to research and design our hardware project. He constructed the irrigation system of the MycoFlux and conceptualized animations and other graphics.