Introduction - Crisprologists
Our logo is a compass framed by a
plasmid ring, symbolizing precise
gene editing
We are the team of the Crisprologists in IGEM Competition 2023.
and our research is to develop an enhanced gene-editing tool based
on CRISPR-Cas9 with fewer escaping. We come from many different
cities in China.
Project Goal
The material we use to improve
our products
Features of nissle 1917 characteristics of CRISPR-Cas9
Properties coli with probiotic highly targeted
The ability to suppress germs convenient editing can treat
diseases of the digestive system can be used as a gene knockout tool
Our final goal
To build efficient genome editing tools based on crispr-cas9 system.
Project Background
* a technology that persists in
prokaryotic species
* bacteria restore DNA of virus
* recognize the virus when
they invade again
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