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Let's focus on antibody drug design in diverse species!

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In this vast and colorful world, life exists in a myriad of ways.

Pets, those selfless companions in our lives, are the beings that silently accompany us. They are a part of our families and even more so, our soulmates.

In the expansive farmlands, cattle, pigs, and sheep stand as the backbone of the livestock industry. Their well-being is not only the farmers' duty but also humanity's commitment to nature.

In the embrace of nature, every form of life is a child worthy of love.

In the 21st century, healthcare has emerged as a critical global issue.

Antibody drugs, with their better specificity and lower side effects

, account for a large proportion of newly approved human drugs.

However, the design of effective drugs for various types of animals is a very slow process. Overuse of antibiotics in pet hospitals can cause many problems.

Inspired by the humanization of mouse-derived antibodies, we hope to design antibodies suitable for more species.

Leveraging deep learning technology and based on self-collected antibody data, we develop a comprehensive automated monoclonal antibody drug design system.

Our system starts with the other sources of antibody sequences against target species antigen (such as mouse-derived antibodies), automatically generates antibody sequences that may have better efficacy and lower immunogenicity, and performs comprehensive scoring.

Through our pioneering model, we design antibody sequences of healing with lower immunogenicity, guiding our animal friends back to the embrace of health.

Our work helps animals avoid suffering from diseases, and contributes to creating a better living environment for both humans and animals.

This is where science meets compassion, and it's the future we are shaping together. Our research is not only enhancing the lives of pets and livestock but also driving the forefront of life sciences. We believe that the power of technology is making the world a better place, allowing every life to flourish in health.