Parts overview

We designed 64 parts for our project, consisting of 36 basic parts and 28 composite parts, including the vector plasmids used in experiments, DNA sequences successfully mutated through ESM-1v, and primers used for mutagenesis. Our favorite parts are BBa_K4790033 and BBa_K4790061, which encode the most thermally stable PETase we could obtain at present. All parts we used have been submitted to the iGEM Registry according to BioBricks assembly standards. The following are brief tables of our registered parts. For more information about our parts, please visit our Parts Page.

Basic parts

Name Type Description Designer Length(bp)
BBa_K4790001 Plasmid pET-22b(+) Hongyan Jing 5817
BBa_K4790025 Coding ASR1(node 59)-E125R Hongyan Jing 918
BBa_K4790026 Coding ASR1(node 59)-P177E Hongyan Jing 918
BBa_K4790027 Coding ASR1(node 59)-G201A Hongyan Jing 918
BBa_K4790028 Coding ASR1(node 59)-F213S Hongyan Jing 918
BBa_K4790029 Coding ASR1(node 59)-I223E Hongyan Jing 918
BBa_K4790030 Coding ASR1(node 59)-S242G Hongyan Jing 918
BBa_K4790031 Coding ASR1(node 59)-L246H Hongyan Jing 918
BBa_K4790032 Coding ASR1(node 59)-K249E Hongyan Jing 918
BBa_K4790033 Coding ASR1(node 59)-V265T Hongyan Jing 918
BBa_K4790034 Coding ASR1(node 59)-F275L Hongyan Jing 918
BBa_K4790035 Coding ASR1(node 59)-C287P Hongyan Jing 918
BBa_K4790055 Coding ASR1(node 59)-M17A Yi Zheng 918
BBa_K4790056 Coding ASR1(node 59)-C26A Yi Zheng 918
BBa_K4790057 Coding ASR1(node 59)-M40E Yi Zheng 918
BBa_K4790058 Coding ASR1(node 59)-Y46I Yi Zheng 918
BBa_K4790059 Coding ASR1(node 59)-Q79N Yi Zheng 918
BBa_K4790060 Coding ASR1(node 59)-N81H Yi Zheng 918
BBa_K4790061 Coding ASR1(node 59)-W120R Yi Zheng 918
BBa_K4790062 Coding ASR1(node 59)-L122K Yi Zheng 918
BBa_K4790064 Coding ASR1(node 59) Yi Zheng 918
BBa_K4790067 Plasmid PETase-node59 Yi Zheng 6405
BBa_K4790068 Coding ASR3(node 100) Yi Zheng 750
BBa_K4790069 Coding ASR4(node 109) Yi Zheng 753
BBa_K4790070 Coding ASR5(node 111) Yi Zheng 750
BBa_K4790071 Coding ASR6(node 112) Yi Zheng 765
BBa_K4790072 Coding ASR7(node 115) Yi Zheng 771
BBa_K4790073 Coding ASR1(node 59)-Y6A Yi Zheng 918
BBa_K4790075 T7 T7 promotor Hongyan Jing 19
BBa_K4790076 teminator T7 terminator Hongyan Jing 48
BBa_K4790077 Tag 6xHis Hongyan Jing 18
BBa_K4790078 Coding lac operator Hongyan Jing 25
BBa_K4790079 RBS RBS Hongyan Jing 23
BBa_K4790080 Signalling PelB Hongyan Jing 66
BBa_K4790081 Coding PETase Hongyan Jing 792
BBa_K4790108 Coding ASR2(node 98) Hongyan Jing 1770

Composite Parts

Name Type Description Designer Length(bp)
BBa_K4790074 Composite IsPETase/pET-22b(+) Hongyan Jing 1035
BBa_K4790082 Composite ASR1(node 59)/pET-22b(+) Hongyan Jing 1035
BBa_K4790083 Composite ASR3(node 100)/pET-22b(+) Hongyan Jing 993
BBa_K4790084 Composite ASR4(node 109)/pET-22b(+) Hongyan Jing 996
BBa_K4790085 Composite ASR5(node 111)/pET-22b(+) Hongyan Jing 993
BBa_K4790086 Composite ASR6(node 112)/pET-22b(+) Hongyan Jing 1008
BBa_K4790087 Composite ASR7(node 115)/pET-22b(+) Hongyan Jing 1014
BBa_K4790088 Composite ASR1(node 59)-E125R/pET-22b(+) Hongyan Jing 1161
BBa_K4790089 Composite ASR1(node 59)-P177E/pET-22b(+) Hongyan Jing 1161
BBa_K4790090 Composite ASR1(node 59)-G201A/pET-22b(+) Hongyan Jing 1161
BBa_K4790091 Composite ASR1(node 59)-F213S/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790092 Composite ASR1(node 59)-I223E/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790093 Composite ASR1(node 59)-S242G/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790094 Composite ASR1(node 59)-L246H/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790095 Composite ASR1(node 59)-K249E/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790096 Composite ASR1(node 59)-V265T/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790097 Composite ASR1(node 59)-F275L/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790098 Composite ASR1(node 59)-C287P/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790099 Composite ASR1(node 59)-M17A/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790100 Composite ASR1(node 59)-C26A/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790101 Composite ASR1(node 59)-M40E/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790102 Composite ASR1(node 59)-Y46I/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790103 Composite ASR1(node 59)-Q79N/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790104 Composite ASR1(node 59)-N81H/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790105 Composite ASR1(node 59)-W120R/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790106 Composite ASR1(node 59)-L122K/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790107 Composite ASR1(node 59)-Y6A/pET-22b(+) Yutong Ji 1161
BBa_K4790109 Composite ASR2(node 98)/pET-22b(+) Hongyan Jing 2015