Detecting viruses in mosquitoes

Mosquitoes: "Tiny but Deadly"

They are the most deadly animals known to humans, followed by humans themselves, then snakes [1]

  • 100,000

    death by snakes annually
  • 437,000

    death by humans anually
  • 725,000

    death by mosquitoes anually
To put this into number

Evolution of France colonisation by Aedes albopictus from 2013-2022

71 departements on "red alert" which correspond to 4 more compared to 2022.[2]

Welcome to Aedes'n'Seek !

Our project enable viruses detection in mosquitoes, whith a final aim of preventing pandemic. We based our project on SHERLOCK technique and Cas13 enzyme, to detect specific RNA. We also developped a code to craft guide RNA that are necesssary for the detection system (see Proof of concept)