Worrying Problem


people worldwide have died of colorectal cancer, with a CDR index of 11.7%, while more and more people suffer

Disturbing Symptoms

Colorectal cancer is a common digestive system tumor that is difficult to detect early and is characterized by rectal bleeding, anemia, and abdominal pain

Limitations of Current Treatment

Surgical treatment

middle and late stages NO

Side effects and Drug resistance


Radiation therapy

Side effects and Incomplete treatment

Surgical treatment

Immunotherapy: Expensive with Specific Groups

The Solution

To address the limitations of current therapies, we, JLU-NBBMS,

are pioneering a new approach that combines both prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer,

the SCI: Salmonella-based Colorectal cancer Innovative therapy.

For our chassis, we started with Salmonella

Notably, attenuated Salmonella has attracted our attention for its characteristics of targeting tumor tissue and high invasiveness under high safety conditions.

Sutras: Small nucleic acid 'Bombs'

No small nucleic acid drugs target cancer, making our prospect exceedingly promising

Attenuated Salmonella exerts its oncolytic function by competing for nutrition with tumor cells.

Our Delayed-lysis system activates the immune system and kills tumor cells while ensuring biological safety.

The small nucleic acid ‘bomb’ generated after lysis eliminates the tumor from the inside.

Concurrent prevention and treatment reduce patients' medical burden and social medical costs.

Our Envision

High safety High biosafety Immune activation, Precise anticancer therapy