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DNAzymes against Omicron and Delta variants of CoVID

We formulated three DNAzymes that can detect presence of CoVID in the sample DNAzyme FBS1 (BBa_K4933002) , can specifically identify the omicron strain of CoVID DNAzyme FBS2 (BBa_K4933004) can specifically identify the delta strain of CoVID DNAzyme FBS3 (BBa_K4933005) acts as a control since it will be activated when the delta and omicron strains are present together but will be deactivated when CoVID generic sequence is detected. Hence this will never be in an activated state


Developing more robust in-silico methods for generating DNA/RNA nanostructures for detection faces challenges, particularly due to the absence of standardized software equipped with modules for synthesizing novel Aptamers/DNAzymes. The complexity is heightened by the difficulty in discerning potential Aptamer/DNAzyme sequences from non-functional ones within a library, mainly due to the significant property changes observed after folding into functional 3D structures. Addressing these issues, the PrAtZy suite serves as a comprehensive solution, offering a single platform for all Protein, Aptamer, and DNAzyme-related computational needs. This software package employs computationally feasible methods, significantly enhancing the speed at which new discoveries can be made in this field.