Caddisfly Mascot

What are Caddisflies?

Caddisfly Case

Caddisflies are insects that spend their larval stage underwater.

These larvae then build cases made of small objects bound by a strong, sticky, waterproof silk.

Caddisfly silk has exciting potential for use as a biodegradable and non-toxic waterproof adhesive.

Silk Properties

Caddisfly silk is (1) heat resistant up to 242°C, (2) biodegradable, (3) non-cytotoxic, (4) solidifies upon exposure to cationic solvents in liquid, and has (5) tensile and adhesive strength comparable to that of silkworm or spider silk.

Biomaterial Scaffold
Underwater Adhesive
Wound Healing

Biomaterial Scaffolds

Underwater Adhesives

Wound Sealing

These properties of caddisfly silk make it a promising and versatile candidate for use as an adhesive in wet environments.

Who are We?

Our 2023 team is comprised of Johns Hopkins University undergraduates, graduate student mentors, faculty advisors, alumni, and affilates.

This year, our project focuses on developing a method for biomanufacturing of caddisfly silk using a bacterial chassis.

We have been hard at work since ideation, and we are excited to show the world the possibilites of caddisfly silk!