Team Members
Jacky CHAN
Chan Tsz Hei, Jacky
ChairpersonWet Lab
I am passionate about designing and creating novel biological systems. With my unwavering determination and drive, I am confident in working together with the team to overcome all obstacles.
Amber YANG
Yang Huizi, Amber
Vice ChairpersonWet Lab
I have a diverse range of interests, and I am always keen to learn and assist others. I enjoy engaging in conversations about captivating topics, including science, philosophy, sociology, and numerous other fields.
Louisa IP
Ip Lut Yi, Louisa
Vice ChairpersonWet Lab
Hi, I'm Louisa, a Wet Lab member, collaboration coordinator, and wiki designer. I ensure our project's success and visual appeal. I enjoy working with my team and providing creative ideas to make our project stand out.
Estella LI
Li Minxi, Estella
Dry LabWet Lab
I am Estella, the team leader of the wet lab. I enjoy exploring the unknown through numerous experiments and acquiring knowledge and experience from them. Additionally, I prioritize caring, healing, sharing, and embracing my inner child.
Chen Zelei, Evan
Dry LabProgrammer
The rapidly evolving world is ushering in new changes. As a biology student, I am utilizing my skills to contribute to iGEM competitions, constantly exploring and improving, with the aim of leaving my own mark in the field of bioengineering.
Dave LI
Li Bochao, Dave
Dry LabProgrammer
I am interested in pharmacology. Helping patients who are unable to afford expensive medications and supporting those with rare diseases is truly impactful. Dreaming big is the first step towards making a difference!
Winnie LI
Li Chiu Wing, Winnie
IHP TeamFinance
My passion resides in the captivating world of Biology. Combining my love for organization, I effectively structure all IHP activities in iGEM to ensure smooth execution.
Tiffany LE
Le Man Hei, Tiffany
IHP TeamFinance
Hello! I'm Tiffany. I have a strong interest in gaining knowledge related to biology. Besides studying, I enjoy making connections between what I learn in school and its application to everyday human life.
Valerie CHOW
Chow Tsz Ching, Valerie
IHP TeamSecretary
Hi, I'm Valerie. Within the IHP team, I hold multiple roles; I'm the lead for writing the business plan on the wiki, and serve as the team secretary. I'm committed to fulfilling these responsibilities with excellence.
Vivian QIN
Qin Shengjia, Vivian
Production Team
I am Vivian, a Year 2 biology student, and I possess a talent for media work. My innovative ideas play a pivotal role in the successful execution of video editing. This makes me an ideal fit for our production team!
Allen CHEN
Chen Zihao, Allen
Production Team
Hey there! I'm Allen. I'm passionate about crafting captivating posters and videos, which is why I joined the production team. Our goal is to create creatures that you'll adore. Join us and let the magic begin!
Hasin Ishraq
IHP TeamEditor
I have a keen interest in Synthetic Biology and Genetic Engineering. As a member of iGEM, I am utilizing my knowledge and skills to contribute to the team's success. With extensive writing skills, I am currently serving as the editor of the team.
Wong Chak Sum, Sam
IHP TeamWet Lab
As a Wet Lab and integrated human practice coordinator, I drive innovation and collaboration to achieve breakthrough discoveries. Let's explore science's frontiers together!
Prof. Terence LEE
Prof. Lee Kin-Wah, Terence
Pirmary PIProfessor
Dr. Clarence WONG
Dr. Wong Tsun-Ting, Clarence
Secondary PIAssistant Professor
Dr. Qian ZHAO
Dr. Qian Zhao
Secondary PIAssociate Professor
Dr. Ted LI
Dr. Li Xiuyuan, Ted
Secondary PIAssistant Professor
Dr. Chartia CHEUNG
Dr. Cheung Ching-Mei, Chartia
Secondary PITeaching Fellow
Dr. Alan LEE
Dr. Lee Chun-Kit, Alan
Secondary PIScientific Officer
Dr. Clare YAN
Dr. Yan Sau-Woon, Clare
InstructorScientific Officer
Dr. Waiting WONG
Dr. Wong Wai-Ting, Waiting
InstructorScientific Officer
Ms. Wing Ki CHAU
Ms. Wing Ki CHAU
AdvisorResearch Assistant
Mr. Gregory MULIAWAN
Mr. Gregory Kenneth MULIAWAN
AdvisorPhD Student
Ms. Rose WONG
Ms. Wong Chi Lui, Rose
AdvisorAssistant Technical Officer