Citrus Greening:

severe agricultural disease of global scale

As a formidable infection, citrus greening is threatening the very essence of citrus crops worldwide. It is primarily caused by the bacterium called Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus, which spreads through the vectors of Asian citrus psyllids, feeding on citrus plants. This infection gradually weakens the trees, ultimately, leading to the loss of citrus fruit yield. Current methods for citrus greening prevention and treatment are still time-consuming and costly.

A efficient and financially & environmental friendly approach is in demand.


Citrus farms affected per province.


Citrus trees death per year in Asia


RMB loss per year in China

Loss to all related industries


Specific Phage

Engineered CLasMV1 phage specifically infects pathogen bacteria and gets activated

Efficient AMP

Antimicrobial peptides (AMP) got optimized bioinformatically for high lethality to pathogen

dsRNA Interfere

Small RNA with modified sequences in local psyllid populations eliminates the disease vectors