BIT registered 4 new basic parts and 1 new composite part .

The sequence source and construction method of the composite part are demonstrated in the Experiments section and Results section. The type of the 4 basic parts belongs to the RBS, as detailed in the Model section. Please click on the Part Name to shift to the registry for viewing further information.

Basic part

Part NameTypeSequence(5’3’)Translation Rate
BBa_K4691001open in new windowRBSCTAGAGATTAAAGAGGAGAAATACTAG2559.62
BBa_K4691002open in new windowRBSCTAGAGATTAAAGAGGAGAATACTAG2897.89
BBa_K4691003open in new windowRBSCTAGAGAAAGAGGGGAAATACTAG452.53
BBa_K4691004open in new windowRBSCTAGAGTCACACAGGACTACTAG56.59

Composite part

BBa_K4691000open in new window

The composite part is composed of 7 basic parts, which can realize the detection of oxidative stress damage level and signal amplification function of E.coli.

Our parts successfully detected the DNA damage caused by the damaging reagent NA , and increasing the signal output while improving the sensitivity of the sensor, which broadens the application range of the sensor and is more suitable for the detection of new chemical reagents.

Reference parts:

Part NameTypeDescriptionLength
BBa_K629001RegulatoryThis part could be started with exposure to irradiation, UV, nalidixic acid and activate SOS system-- DNA repair.124bp
BBa_B0030RBSModified from R. Weiss15bp
BBa_B0032RBSDerivative of BBa_003013bp
BBa_K2967008CodingThe activator protein HrpR in hrp gene regulatory network948 bp
BBa_K2967009CodingThe activator protein HrpS in hrp gene regulatory network912pb
BBa_K2967011RegulatoryThe inducible promoter in hrp gene regulatory network208 bp
BBa_E0040CodingGreen fluorescent protein derived from jellyfish Aequeora victoria wild-type GFP (SwissProt: P42212)720bp
BBa_B0015Terminatordouble terminator (B0010-B0012)129bp
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