Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are listed as the second leading cause of death with a prevalence rate of approximately 7% (1 in 13 individuals)worldwide and take an estimated 17.9 million lives annually. In Taiwan, CVDs have been one of the top three causes of death in 2022.

The high-fat dietary habits common in Taiwan and medication non-compliance among the elderly CVDs patients are the two main causes of the high mortality and prevalence rate of CVDs.

CVDs can lead to blood clots that gather in veins or arteries, which can cause oxygen and nutrients transfer failure and can result in death of cells or organs.

Since 2018, Taiwan has entered an aged society. In 2022, Taiwan ranked 27th globally on the country's median age scale. With an aged population, CVDs have become prevalent among elders. As of 2022, CVDs’ mortality accounts for 22.5% among elderly aged 65 or above, forming a severe issue.

Our team decided to use a protein called Lumbrokinase, which is capable of dissolving blood clots, in our project. However, the current production method includes mass killing of earthworms.

To improve the issues, our team plans to design a probiotic platform for automatic production of Lumbrokinase in vivo and utilize genetically modified E.coli for industrial production.