SensoREX: Riboswitch-Enabled eXpression

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What is SensoREX?

SensoREX: Riboswitch-Enabled eXpression is a point of care, modular measurement system for detecting a variety of proteins and small molecules.

How is it used?

The goal is to add a few drop of blood to the test, wait a bit, then measure the glucose levels of the mixture. The amount of glucose will tell you the concentration of biomarker in your sample!

Why is it better?

It’s fast: doctors can determine results within the day, as opposed to sending in a blood sample to the lab, which may take a week or two to get back.
It’s cheap: SensoREX utilizes cell-free systems, which are inexpensive to produce in bulk. It also uses glucometers, which are also inexpensive and already well tested.
It’s modular: the SensoREX detection system can be reapplied to work with a variety of different biomarkers, making it applicable to diagnosing more conditions and diseases!