Minimal & Adapted Carbon Sequestration Cell

Maximizing Influence at the Minimal Size

The looming threat of climate change is more visible than ever before.

bolivia 1986 bolivia 2022
Bolivia, 1986 vs. 2022
cerroprieto 2015 cerroprieto 2022
Cerroprieto Mexico, 2015 vs. 2022
Peru 2015 Peru 2022
Peru, 2017 vs. 2022

The golden goal of carbon neutrality hinges on reducing carbon emissions and removing accumulated carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We, the JCVI-UCSD iGEM team, aimed to create a carbon sequestering cell with the smallest genome and the smallest synthetic carbon fixation pathway.

Say Hello to MACS!
MACS, our minimal and adapted carbon sequestration cell, that will help clean the atmosphere two CO2 at a time!

*all images on this page are courtesy of NASA.