iGEM 2023 Guelph Model Website with Prompt









Welcome to iGEM Guelph's 2023 Project Bloom Biota! Want to hear more?





Our project aims to help combat vitamin B12 deficiency!



Oh wow! Who does vitamin B12 deficiency affect?



Elderly people and women are extremely underrepresented when it comes to medical research and clinical studies!


We wanted to look into an issue that impacted both groups, with a focus on the elderly due to the world’s aging population.



So… why would I take your probiotic instead of just taking a vitamin B12 supplement?



Our goal is to express human gastric intrinsic factor (hGIF) and vitamin B12 through Escherichia coli Nissle 1917, a well researched probiotic strain.


The added hGIF increases the absorption of vitamin B12 in your gut!



So you’re telling me that if I took a supplement alongside your probiotic, I would absorb even more vitamin B12?



Exactly! Now you’re getting it.



That sounds super cool! How can I learn more about your accomplishments this year and the future directions associated with this project?



Just take a look around our website!









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