iGEM Bonn-Rheinbach 2023

NitraNix: Mitigating Nitrate Pollution through Synthetic Biology


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Our project addresses nitrate pollution in groundwater, a persistent issue in Germany since 2008. Nitrate poses health risks, especially to vulnerable populations. Existing preventive methods like "Wasser-bildung" lack effectiveness. We propose a novel denitrification system using enzymes from native bacteria, avoiding GMO release. Our approach involves catalytic enzymes, biochemical assays, and electrode-based electron supply. With growing fertiliser use and urban expansion, our biotechnology solution holds promise.

Grand Jamboree 2023

At the Grand Jamboree 2023 which took place from 2nd to 5th of November in Paris, we held our presentation within the bioremediation village, assessed the judging session and were able to secure a silver medal for our project! We are proud of what we achieved during the competition phase and want to thank everyone who supported our project's journey!

Furthermore, the Jamboree has been an amazing event with thousands of highly motivated and kind fellow scientists attending. We enjoyed connecting with other teams, listening to many interesting presentations and contributing to the event. Many thanks to all the participants and organizers for making this such a wonderful experience!

Preparation for the Grand Jamboree

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Junior Jam 23 Münster

On 4-6 August, we were able to participate in the Junior Jam 23 Münster, a meetup preparing attending iGEM teams for the Grand Jamboree in Paris. The chance to present our project in front of other people with know-how in synthetic biology and the feedback we received there helped us a lot, and connecting with other teams and people has been great fun!

Practice judging session with VBio

Another opportunity to practice our project's presentation was given to us by VBio, one of our project's sponsors, who organized an online meetup with various experts in the field of synthetic biology on October 9th. Within the meeting, we received feedback that helped us to improve our presentation style.